‘Stop the Lousy Writing, Please!’ (2015)

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If there’s one thing that’s hard to bear, it’s reading page after page of forced sarcasm and dopey slang in a fantasy novel. Not that it would be all that great in any other kind of novel; but fantasy seems especially prone to it.

Stop the Lousy Writing, Please!

Much of this can be blamed on dim-witted adults who think they’re cleverly writing down to teenagers. By “teenager” they mean someone with the intelligence of a radiator hose. They’ve been watching too much television and way too many movies.

It’s hard to beat plain English as a means of communication.

I wish some of these writers would try it sometime.


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  1. Marvel and DC Comics have taken over the realm of fantasy, and there seems to be no end to the superheroes they produce to save the world.
    How I long for movies that depend on good dialogue for their success. Even the new version of “Call of the Wild” uses a IMB digital dog instead of a real one.

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