It’s Getting to Me

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Current events are worming their way into my subconscious!

Last night I dreamed Toshiro Mifune, in full samurai garb, went to our local supermarket to buy paper towels. He bought a pack of 27 rolls, which was all they had available. And when he was out of the store, the rolls of paper towels turned into bad samurai and attacked him, necessitating some very fancy sword-play.

Paper towels? Toshiro must’ve thought he was lucky to get ’em–the last pack of towels left on the shelves. When I was there the other day, there weren’t any.

I do not want to dream about current events. I get enough of that all day. Saturation nooze coverage! It’s always one story eating up all the others. Fap! You can’t even make a proper Toshiro Mifune movie out of it.

3 comments on “It’s Getting to Me

  1. Because it doesn’t entertain. It threatens. If only Mifune’s samurai hadn’t attacked him he could have used it in defense of his Republic.

  2. I went to the grocery store after church today (we might have been the only church in our city to have a church service today). I found a few packs of TP left which I purchased for my daughter whose visiting us during her vacation week from work. She has not been able to find any in her city for a week.

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