Watt Aboat The Noodists???

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Hear “at” collidge we “are” alll goingto ware Faice Makses as sooon “As” we can figgre Out “how” to Putt Themb On!!! But somb boddy thay sayed sombthing that I nevvar thinked Of “befour”!!!

Watt aboat The Noodists????

Whel i alyaws thinked Noodists thay whir theeze peple in Lost Vagus whoo shayved thare heds and banged on spacial Gongs butt thenn i fowneded Out that “those” Are Not noodist but Boodists,, i seen pitchures of themb butt i alyaws thinked “thay” wer Methaddists.!

Noodists, thoe, thay Are peeple who doughnt ware No Clotheses!!! Like, nevver! And nhow The Guvermint say Thay got “To” ware Faice Makses and that “is” aginst thare Printsipples!!!! i hasnt nevvr seen no Noodist i gess we hasnt got nun Arowned Hear butt annywhay thay are Up-Sett!!! Thay saying Haow can “yiu” “Be” “a” reel Noodist if yiu are Waring a Maks?????

I stil Cant Figgre out haow “To” putt On “the” maks,,, my Moth Antenners thay get “In” the Whay!!!!!! Wye didd thay has to maik “It” So harrd??? Wee hased a hole Class and Whirk Shopp on haow to ware a Mask butt evry boddy thay Fluncked It!!!!! i eevin Tryed Tayping It “on” and it stil Fell Offf!!!

We “are” goingto has a spacial meating “of” “the” Stoodint Soviet to-nite to deside weather we awt to Try be-ing Noodists four A “wile”!!! I hoap thay doughnt say yiu “got-to” Un-tye yore shoos becoase i hasnt hased That coarse Yet!!!

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  1. Hmmmm? This is a dilemma. The government can’t make you wear clothes, but it wants to make you wear a mask. I’m not even sure that I would know where to stand on such a pressing issue. Of course the mask protects you from disease to about the same degree as a chain-link fence protects you from mosquitoes, so I guess I’ll side with the nudists on this one.

    Now, I must excuse myself. I seem to have a lost Vagus nerve and I’m exceptionally hungry, because of it. 🙂

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