Will We Have Our Anniversary Dinner?

We ordered the crabcakes and they haven’t been delivered. We’re about to go out on another safari in search of filet mignon. Yeah, these are luxury items–but that’s the whole point, isn’t it? You only get one wedding anniversary per year (provided you’ve had only one wedding). You want to celebrate!

But for our anniversary, the gremlins always gather, always try to mess it up. For No. 40 the supermarket had No Lobsters instead of the two I had supposedly reserved two days before. I found that out at 5 p.m. I don’t go to that store anymore.

So we will go all around the county in a little while to see if we can scare up the ingredients for our dinner. Thanks to what liberals gigglingly call The New Normal (tee-hee!), you wouldn’t believe the shortages. Yesterday it was skim milk, rubbing alcohol, latex gloves… and lettuce. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a decent head of lettuce.

With our without our dinner, this is a blessed day for us and we invite you all to share in our joy.

Every good thing is God’s gift.

P.S.–The crabcakes just got here. Huzzah!

9 comments on “Will We Have Our Anniversary Dinner?

  1. Indeed, it is a day for celebration, and whatever you may find for your celebration table, may you be blessed abundantly.

  2. Ah, the coming of Venezuela, with its shortages and shopping adventures. At one of the stores I have to go to, there’s now a bumper crop of toilet paper but almost no paper towels.

    1. Ditto here. We had to order paper towels online.
      It’s like there’s a war on or something.
      I’m fully convinced that Democrats want this schiff to go on forever.

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