Hello? Hello?

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I’m almost all alone in here this morning. Now I know how they feel at Biden rallies.

Now might be a good time to bring in a guest blogger. If I had one.

Let’s see some captivating comments. Maybe one of you can come up with something that can be turned into a blog post. It’s happened before.

I am so tired of writing the nooze, and I’ll bet a lot of you are tired of reading it. Let’s see if we can find something else…

9 comments on “Hello? Hello?

    1. I grew up with Sunday school and church, but college knocked it out of me and it took me about 30 years to find my way back.
      Your uncle once asked me that question in an interview; and I told him, “Believe it or not, it was Bill Clinton doing the naughties in the Oval Office that scared me back to Christianity. I had no idea our culture had so badly deteriorated.”

  1. After WWII America super prospered because we had won the war and the American people were set free to prosper, which they did. Now we are coming to the end (the sooner the better) of another world war, the Wuhan Virus, and again all the other countries are much worse off by it than is the U.S.A. We are set to once again dominate the world with our prosperity (that is if Trump gets four more years – Biden would kill the comeback). If you need some inspiration, listen to some of the speeches at the RNC Convention, especially Melania Trump’s.

  2. Challenging fake news and “official” narratives with documented evidence of what really happened and motivations behind it. At the end of the articles, a question to the readers of what they think and a request for proof that supports their position, if they have it, OR

    Stories of what is (still) good in and about America, tailored to confront false misrepresentations. OR

    “The Good News”

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