How to Make Sure You Get Notified

I never get to see this blog from the readers’ end, so this comment from Phoebe may prove very helpful to some of you.

To make sure you get notified about new posts and comments, 1) post a comment, then check the boxes that say “notify me about comments” and “notify me of new posts.”

The preceding has been a public service. (Thank you, Phoebe.)

Clarification: You have to start writing a comment to make the “notify” boxes appear, then check them, providing your email address where appropriate, and only then submit your comment.

Again, I don’t do this at my end and never get to see the blog as the reader sees it.

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  1. Actually, you have to start entering your comment in order to make the boxes appear. Then you check the boxes **before** submitting the post. For example, after I finish writing this, I’m going to enter my email/name info, check the two “notify me” boxes, and then click “Post Comment.” That will make sure I keep getting notified.

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