My Incipient Panic Attack

Noise or Storm Phobia? Does Your Dog Panic During Storms? | East Bundaberg  Veterinary Hospital

I’m trying everything I know to get this blog back to where it was during the first half of this topsy-turvy year–you wouldn’t believe how hard I’m trying–but now I have to stop and write a Newswithviews column, and earlier I had to stop writing my book because it began to rain on me. Anyone who thinks this is easy, well, step right up and try it for yourself.

Excuse me–just had to lug a couple of these 5-gallon jugs, bad knee and all, upstairs to the water cooler. Somehow managed it.

I do these things because I have to, it’s my job, and I hope it will be fruitful in God’s service. So let me get started with this column–whatever it turns out to be.

4 comments on “My Incipient Panic Attack

  1. Whew, when I saw the headline, all I could think was “Oh, no, Lee’s computer is on the fritz again!” Well, thank goodness it’s only unmeetable quotas and deadlines along with physical agony. (That was meant to be sardonic, so don’t bash me over the head with one of the water jugs … virtually, of course.) We know you can handle this. You always have.

    But yes, there are times when our impulse is to yell “What next?!” except that we’re afraid we’ll get an answer. I’ve been there.

    1. Just finished the NWV column–which the computer balked at sending, and had to be wrestled into submission. For some reason I now feel tired.

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