Where Have All the Readers Gone?

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I’ve looked at the numbers. Yeesh. I have lost a thousand views a month (compared with the same months in 2019) for three months in a row–July, August, and September. We are goin’ backwards fast.

I am totally mystified as to the cause of this. It’s discouraging. Is it that widening circle of ennui that “Unknowable” talks about? But I haven’t heard from any other bloggers who’ve experienced this, so I have no basis for comparison. But I can see that a lot of things aren’t working as they used to. Lots of people, too.

I wonder how far backward I’ll have to go before this blog can grow again.

P.S.–An Intriguing Question: Remember those sand bags that they used to cut loose from balloons, to lighten the balloon and make it go higher? Well, what happened to those bags after they were cut loose? I mean, one bag full of sand could do some serious damage to a roof, or a car, or some exceedingly unlucky person.

Is it too late to Issue A Mandate on it?

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    1. They were working last year, and I was a thousand views a month better than I am now. The first six months of this year were growth months, too. I just can’t understand this situation.

    2. 🤔 I don’t know then, I only come back to press last month after a 5year hiatus so I don’t have any valuable data to share with you, but good luck with getting them back, I’ll be watching 😂

  1. If your readership is down that much, that is a bit surprising, but not really incomprehensible. With all the confusion in the world right now, I know a whole lot of people are changing their whole perspective on a lot of things. Parents are having to home school, (a good thing, but routine changer), jobs have been lost, changed, etc. Quite a few people have lost everything in the many fires here in the west, and in general, there is mass confusion all over the place. There is also more sickness, more delays, more computer problems than before. Hang in there and pray for “back to normal.”

    1. I’m also wondering of Newswithviews’ readership is done. Those columns used to generate a lot of views, making Thursday usually my best day of the week. For now, for three weeks in a row, the NWV piece has generated zero referrals and when I post it here, it doesn’t show anybody opening it to read it. Why that should be, I don’t know.

    2. Okay, now, the supposed problem of people not opening your News With Views columns indicates a different problem — one with the counting mechanism. I always open your columns from here in order to read them, and I’m sure others do as well. But for some reason, the openings aren’t registering. Maybe the same thing is happening with your readership, i.e., the view numbers may be stable or even growing (I notice some new people commenting lately) but they’re not showing on your counter. Time to check with WordPress and/or Jill again?

    3. Patty has thought of that, too. WP should be recording it when readers open the column, but lately it hasn’t been.
      More stuff that isn’t working properly!


    1. “Longer conversations”–that might be a good idea. I’ll try it.
      Much of the time I prefer to just stand back and let my readers talk: they often have very interesting things to say. Do you think I ought to pitch in more than I do?

  3. Look what FaceBook, Twitter, and Google have done to so many conservative accounts. Who owns Word Press anyway? Probably some Lefty so it should not be surprising they would curtail conservative Word Press blogs. It seems to go with the territory until conservatives build alternative platforms to compete with the Left.

  4. Lee, If I could just offer you some constructive critiquing. Leave you political opinions out for awhile. My blogging numbers, via Linkedin and WordPress, as well as my own website has stayed steady throughout this time period because I have not delved into my political/social commentary on American politics.
    Frankly, your views are on the archaic side and it’s very possible your loyal followers are either tired of your rhetoric or have died off and no longer reading your posts.
    Stay with the pets, the sardonic humor and the religious stuff. It’s you. When you try justifying your political philosophy to your readers, it’s a turn-off. I had to do the same thing myself. Unlike you, I’m politically liberal, but like you I am in enemy territory where I live is considered a bastion of conservatism. My best friends are conservatives and so I understand where you are coming from when you feel compelled to lash out at what you see as wrong with this country.

  5. Lee, I have to disagree respectfully with what Jerry has said about jettisoning politics from the blog. Your political commentary is one of the things I and most of your regulars come here for. You give a lot of trenchant commentary, and you also give us a place to work out our own ideas and relate our own experiences. Without that, the place would be just another “cute and funny animals” blog with an daily hymn thrown in, an occasional religious reflection, and a weekly episode of “Oy, Rodney.” Not something that would keep most of your regulars coming back several times a day. Besides, what would Joe Collidge be without politics? 🙂

    And no, your views are not “archaic.” One could just as easily say that the leftist ideas are sooooo nineteenth-century. Or 1930s. Or 1960s. In fact, the Antifa/BLM agenda and actions are straight out of the 1920s and 1930s blackshirt/brownshirt playbook. But in any case, ideas don’t carry a “best by” date. Either they’re valid or they’re not. If they’re valid, they hold up under the test of time, no matter how fashions come and go, no matter how many old heresies pop up as “the latest ideas” — which, come to think of it, could also be called archaic in the sense that all the supposedly new ideas are also leftovers from old ideas.

    As Solomon observed, there’s nothing new under the sun. The test is for truth. As St. Paul urged the Thessalonians, “Test everything. Hold on to what is true.” And keep on blogging about it all.

  6. This is so true. I agree with you. I too once was a more available reader but with working full time it’s complicated to keep up as I did before .so I read whenever I get free time or make the time to. God bless and don’t give up. It’s not about how much, reads, likes, comments. It’s about building up and reaching souls for the Kingdom of God. <3

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