‘Mayflower II’–A Christian Sci-Fi Movie

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Some of you may recognize Greg Lammiman as a visitor to this blog; but he also makes movies. In fact, his movies are family projects. Their latest is a Christian science fiction movie, Mayflower II, which we watched yesterday.

I’m saving the full movie review for Chalcedon, but first I want to say a little bit about it here.

I read a year or two ago that the average movie now costs about $100 million to make. You would be shocked to know what Mayflower II cost. You’d be incredulous. I asked Greg and he told me. No guess I could’ve made would have come close.

But this movie looks great! I don’t know how they did it. I’ve seen major films by major studios whose computer-generated effects look like computer-generated effects, and whose big-name actors accomplish nothing special.

All of which goes to suggest that… wow!–are we dreaming?–You don’t need a studio to make a movie anymore? Like, you can make something just because… it’s good?

Mayflower II took the Lammiman family several years to make, and mostly they did it out of their own pockets, by the sweat of their own brows, with friends and volunteers to help. Point is, it can be done!

Suddenly–gasp!–we don’t need Hollywood?

Awesome idea, isn’t it?

P.S.–The easiest way to obtain this movie is to go to their website, https://www.mayflowerii.com/ , and click “Buy.” The DVD costs $15.

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  1. I find the special effects in movies entertaining but without good dialogue to go along with it no Kudos here. With the advancement of technology we may see more and more independent films by entrepreneurs with high quality special effects. An example: A smart phone has more computer capability than was available for the first moon flight – so they say.

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