Progress Report: O, Christmas Tree!

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Don’t let this happen to you! (It happened to me once, and once was enough.)

We have just erected our Christmas tree in our living room. It has a slight tilt to it: so hard to get it straight when you’re lying under it, tightening the bolts in the tree stand. So we’ve tied it to the bannister. At least that way it can’t fall into the living room. It might not fall at all.

No, the decorations don’t go on today. The whole thing is too big a job for one day (gettin’ old *sigh*). That comes tomorrow: the tree lights from Grandpa’s store that he had in the 1930s–and they still work. And all those ornaments, each with its own little bit of family history.

We’ve never had cats who tried to climb the tree and pulled it down. Which is not to say that Robbie and Peep didn’t have a grand old time “helping” Daddy set the tree up. Our cats mostly love to sleep under the tree; Robbie’s already snoozing on the tree’s blanket.

It suddenly occurs to me that I haven’t yet wrapped Patty’s presents. A few more minutes’ rest, and back to work!

(Don’t forget to show up for our cyber-Christmas party–you’re all welcome, we crave your company.)

4 comments on “Progress Report: O, Christmas Tree!

  1. Nice socks. 🙂

    I’m still trying to decide what kind of food to bring to your cyber-party. What is everyone else bringing?

  2. Every year it was an ordeal to get the Christmas tree straight up because me wife is a perfectionist (she would not deny this 🙂 ). I will bring broomstick cookies and a gallon of eggnog.

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