Girl, 7: Concert Musician!

My wife said, “You’ve gotta see this,” so here it is. And what can I say but “Holy moly!”?

Anastasiia Tyurina is only seven years old, but here she is, soloing with a Russian symphony orchestra, playing a melody called Valenki on her balalaika–from memory: she isn’t reading music.

The introduction’s in Russian, so I can’t read it–but really the music speaks for itself. Look at the talent God gave this child!

It’s proof He’s never far away.

3 comments on “Girl, 7: Concert Musician!

  1. She really gets with it. I would like to hear her play “Laura’s Theme.” Just as God raised up geniuses at the beginning of our country, He can raise up Christian leaders with the anointing of the prophets of old in our day. Nothing is impossible with God, this young girl’s playing is a good example.

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