‘Welcome Back, Brontosaurus!’ (2018)

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He’s baaaaaaaack!

Poor Brontosaurus! He went extinct twice–the second time because angry scientists drummed him out of the corps.

But now he’s back.

Welcome Back, Brontosaurus!

They tried–oh, how they tried!–to make us all say “Apatasaurus.” And all because they never found a skull to go with the rest of Brontosaurus–and Professor Henry Fairfield Osborne, director of the American Museum of Natural History, unwilling to let one of his prime exhibits stand headless (really–it’s like your pants falling down), stuck a plaster Camarasaurus skull onto it, creating a mixed-up animal but so what? Only purists cared.

I’m sure it was either the Flintstones or the Sinclair Dino logo that drove the purists onto the warpath. But you can’t keep a good dinosaur down. Brontosaurus is living (oops) proof of that.

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