Prayer Request: Linda (Mrs. Whiterabbit)

Our friend Thewhiterabbit’s wife, Linda, slipped and fell in her kitchen a few nights ago and broke her arm in two places. She’s out of danger by now, but it’ll be a while before she can use that arm again–and with their garden-planting season coming up, too.

Please offer prayers for her recovery. Lord, be good to our friend and heal her arm! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(P.S.–Dave, she might not be up to digging, but she can still supervise.)

16 comments on “Prayer Request: Linda (Mrs. Whiterabbit)

  1. Oh, dear, so sorry. I will be lifting her up in prayer. Seems every day now, I hear of another person who has had this happen. The Lord cares and is well able to take care of this.

  2. May Christ the Good Physician bring Linda healing and comfort. Amen.

    I’ll lift up Linda and Dave in my morning offering in church this morning.

  3. Thank you so much my Christian friends!! Lee is so right about my wife’s supervision. An ongoing joke we have is Linda will come up with an idea for the house or yard and she will say “We can do this – which means I can do it 🙂 We saw the Orthopedic today and were told surgery will not be needed – very good news. Thank you, Jesus!

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