Try This Amazing Lotto Strategy! Results Guaranteed!

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This is the easiest and best lottery strategy ever invented–anyone can do it! Even the merest simpleton. It’s guaranteed to make money. You are going to come out ahead!

And what is this system? Why, nothing could be easier–

Don’t play.

That’s all. Just stop buying lottery tickets. You’ll be amazed at how much extra cash you wind up with, after a year or so. Hundreds of dollars! Maybe even thousands, if you’ve got it really bad.

Now you can buy that fortune-telling crystal that you’ve always wanted!

4 comments on “Try This Amazing Lotto Strategy! Results Guaranteed!

  1. I’ve never had the urge to play this game, so not a problem. I still don’t have much money, but that’s OK. What I do have I can spend on something worthwhile.

  2. I’ve never bought a lottery ticket and have no interest in ever doing so. But every time someone talks about lotteries, I remember an old joke:
    Sam has been begging God for years to let him win the lottery. Over and over he cajoles and cries to God, insisting he’ll use the money for good, crying about how his family needs the money, and so on. [Here you can drag out the narrative indefinitely with Sam’s pleas and laments.] Finally, a mighty voice comes from Heaven: “Sam, meet me halfway — buy a ticket!”

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