Another Botched Election to be Investigated

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Maybe we should try using slot machines. They might be more reliable.

A Pennsylvania county council (Luzerne County) has voted to ask the district attorney to investigate last week’s primary election in which “all ballots appeared as Democratic” (

Wow, a unanimous election. Even Saddam Hussein couldn’t manage that–and he had people killed for voting against him.

How come none of these fiascoes are ever in favor of Republicans?

And guess who provided the voting machines. Dominion Voting Systems!

A spokeswoman for Dominion put the cockup down to “human error.” Kind of like what happened to the Titanic.

The machines failed to display Republican ballots, although Dominion claims all the votes were accurately counted. Sorta like those legendary 80 million votes that were cast for Biden while he was hiding in his cellar.

It’d be nice if we could stop screwing up our elections, wouldn’t it? But as long as all those errors continue to benefit Democrats… well, don’t hold your breath.



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  1. Oh my. It just never ends. Just reading the first chapter of Judges relating how the Israelites were moving into the promised land, but failing to drive out the heathen as instructed- they were disobeying God, and things were not going well. Sound familiar?

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