The Lady with the Bat

When the drunken, coked-up, half-naked, 300-pound thug tried to rob this house, he got a real surprise.

Little old lady who lives alone, easy prey–only this little old lady was a high school softball player and she hasn’t lost her stroke. She picked up her bat and let him have it. Later the police caught up with him and put him away.

How I’d love to sit down and have an iced tea with her! I can tell by the way she handles the bat that she can still play. The goon was lucky she wasn’t swinging for the fences. I’d really enjoy pitching batting practice to her.

I believe the Lord blesses courage. Don’t you think so?

3 comments on “The Lady with the Bat

  1. Maybe I should get me one of those bats. Or leave a heavy cast-iron skillet just inside my door. 🙂

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