I’ll Be Back, I Promise

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I’ve got the eye doctor this morning, and don’t know how many hours that’s going to subtract from my day. I hope they don’t make me watch The View.

I have to admit I worry about my blog viewership totally going up in smoke if I don’t stay on the job. Really, though, you can have a good time here without me. Just browse among the archives. All sorts of goodies in there! You could even start reading Oy, Rodney backwards through time. Please let me know if it makes more sense that way.

Normal service here will be resumed as soon as can be.

2 comments on “I’ll Be Back, I Promise

  1. I’m not sure how much more sense “Oy, Rodney” would make if read backwards, but maybe upside-down would help. 🙂

    I hope your visit to the eye doctor goes well.

  2. I know how annoying those visits can be, so I will pray for you, and do not worry about us here, we will wait impatiently for your return.

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