Can I Go Back to Bed?

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We last saw the sun on Friday, this morning it’s dark enough to pass for night-time, rain just keeps pouring down, my leg keeps hurting–and there is a powerful temptation to go back to bed.

Like, instead of going out in this horrible weather to buy our groceries.

Meanwhile, one comment, one like. If everybody feels like I do this morning, that’s no mystery.

My cats spent a good chunk of last night trying to hunt down a moth. I don’t think they got him.

P.S. –Don’t forget to drop off the laundry.

(“You will not go back to bed, you will not go back to bed…”)

5 comments on “Can I Go Back to Bed?

  1. I know the feeling well. Yesterday morning, for the first time in three weeks (I think), I made it to church. After coming home, I began feeling better, and so far this morning, still pretty normal. I pray you will get
    the blessing of a better day today.

  2. We finally got some sun yesterday, so the better weather may be headed toward you. I once had a friend in Brooklyn who would call me to ask what our weather was that day so he’d know what his would be like in the next day or two. 🙂

    1. But then again, you may be getting the rags of tropical storm Henri, which we didn’t get in the midwest. 🙁

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