Get Back to Yer Book, for Pete’s Sake!

Why is that picture of my book over over there on the right? Who knows?

Sheesh, it’s already noon!

I woke up this morning with a little piece of The Witch Box in my mind–a really handy little piece that’ll tie a couple of bigger pieces together.

Anyway, I’d better start writing before cold weather stops me.

Oh, gee, now I’ve got two book covers! Maybe I’d better stop before it’s three.

4 comments on “Get Back to Yer Book, for Pete’s Sake!

  1. Oh, dear, so many nutty things going on for everybody today. illness, accidents, problems with all kinds of electronic systems- makes me want to throw up my hands.
    Hang in there, Lee. Somebody has to keep their head on straight- don’t count on me. I feel as if my head has lost it all.

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