Racing the Calendar

Bell Mountain (Bell Mountain, 1)

I took advantage of a lull in the rain today to get outside and continue work on my current book, The Witch Box (No. 15 in my Bell Mountain series).

In an attempt to solve some problems with the plot, I have jumped ahead to that part of the story leading directly to the double climax. I don’t know, for sure, what I expected; but I do know what I’ve got–and I like it!

I have to finish before the cold weather sets in and makes it impracticable to write outdoors (the ink stops flowing out of the pen). I reckon I have about a month and a half, at the most. I need to be outdoors when I write fiction.

So far I’ve completed three pre-climax chapters. I don’t know how many I’ll need before I write the climax: it’s very much a matter of getting there. At the end I’ll know how big a gap there is between where I stopped and where I picked it up again; then I can fill the gap and the story will have been told.

I’m exploring what happens when certain remnants of Obann’s ancient technology are reactivated in the present. They really should know better than to fool around with stuff like this, but some of the leaders are under a lot of pressure and sorely tempted to try to solve their problems with devices that they’re nowhere near to understanding. It’s a pattern in history.

And now I have to finish today’s blogging–although I’ve already had enough nooze and really don’t want any more.

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  1. It’s always interesting to hear about your writing process. Using short cuts that aren’t fully understood (not to mention forbidden) is what landed Adam’s race in all the trouble to begin with, so it’s a great theme!

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