What to Do Now?

😴🌧️⛈️ Heavy Rain with Rolling Thunder 11 Hours -Sounds of Nature - Pure  Nature Sounds - YouTube

It rained all night last night–for just a few seconds, harder than any rain I’d ever heard before, it sounded like someone was pouring gravel on the roof.

At the moment, it seems to have stopped. Dare I set up my chair and go outside to write? I was on a roll yesterday, I don’t want to stop. Or will that just make the rain start up again as soon as I open my manuscript?

Should I stay in here and try to write my Newswithviews piece? But about what? Maybe “Delphi,” the mindless computer thingy that tells you what’s right or wrong. Gee, I thought celebrities were supposed to do that!

I think I’ll slip outside and see how far I get…

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  1. Be sure to take your umbrella. When you take your umbrella, it doesn’t rain. When you leave your umbrella at home, it pours and you get soaked. This is one of the laws of the climbit gods.

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