Why Are College Applications Down?

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Everybody has to go to college! Right?

Maybe not.

College enrollments, nationwide, have experienced “the largest two-year drop on record.” Spring undergraduate enrollment is down 5.9%. Community colleges are faring even worse–enrollment down 11.3% (https://www.politico.com/newsletters/politico-nightly/2021/04/30/college-enrollment-is-down-and-dropping-492678). And they were down 9% last fall.

What’s happening? Even as Democrats try to stuff “free college” into their insane spending proposals, even as big-name colleges drop good SAT scores as an admission requirement, the numbers are still heading south.

The easy answer is to blame it all on COVID. Hey, blame it on the Bossa Nova! But just because the answer’s obvious doesn’t make it the right answer, does it?

How many families want to shell out $100,000, or even more, just so Junior can get a degree in Gender Studies and come back home to live in the basement while he jerks Slurpees at the Seven-Eleven? College degrees are a dime a dozen now, and increasingly useless as indicators of a valuable education. If everybody has one, it’s almost the same as no one having one. Honk if you believe that everyone having a college degree means that everyone’s smart.

Is the Play-Doh tower crumbling? What a good thing that would be!

Our education system is a farce. Public schools are fixated on “transforming” America into a transgender theme park infused with racial fear and hatred. If our civilization fails, its public education system will be the leading culprit.


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  1. I think the best program would be teaching the practical things that will help in real life after school. Trade schools as part of the studies would be excellent, then the arts and nothing out of the norm; nothing that misleads anybody. Where are the teachers of these things?

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