What Happened to These People?

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When I was a nooze reporter, way back in the 1970s, I spoke with politicians every day. Most of them were Democrats. Most of them were ordinary sane people. Some of them I really liked. None of them was crazy.

Now? Holy cow. The whole party has run right off the cliff.

Yo, readers! I’m collecting theories. What happened to ordinary people who were Democrats? Some of these old Dems from the 70s are still alive, but long retired. Point is, whatever happened, happened quickly. Suddenly the party was nothing but Far Left Crazy.

They aren’t just wrong anymore. Anybody can be wrong. There’s a big difference between being wrong and being evil, being wrong and being out to lunch. Most people are right about some things and wrong about others, but today’s Dems are wrong about everything. All the time.

Look at their program. Ruptured borders. Critical Race Theory (“white people are all born racists, blah-blah…”). Transgender. Global government. Government growing by leaps and bounds. Mandates galore. Defund the police and let the felons out of jail to prey on people. That’s what they have to offer us–and who wants that?

And yet millions of people vote for these parasites. That’s another mystery that needs to be cleared up.

What do you think, folks? What happened to the people in this party? What turned them into Maoist wannabes? I mean, I have seen family members, formerly sane, go right off the deep end with the Party. If the Party makes a sudden 180 degree turn on a core principle, these individuals will turn with it–no matter how whole-heartedly they believed in the principle that now must be radically changed.

I can’t relate to that. I don’t change my core beliefs because some nudnick tells me to.

So what’s your theory, O reader? I’d really like to know… because I don’t think I have one.

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  1. I don’t know the answer either, Lee. I know that back in the ’80’s my husband and I suddenly realized that we no longer identified with the Democratic agenda. We then switched party affiliation to the Republicans. We were part of the “Reagan Democrats” group.

    1. I used to be a Democrat–in my early 20s. Our local Democrat party threw swell picnics. We had fun.
      But boy did I ever get soured on the party, when I went to its 1972 county convention. What a dirty business that was! Rigged for McGovern and his crowd, totally dishonest.

  2. One obvious reason is the explosion of the social media and the billions and billions people made from it who were liberals. With all their billions they joined the wagon train of the Leftist big foundations and accelerated the Humanistic dream of the NWO program that took official root with the U.N. Charter in the late 1940’s. It’s like the head of the Rothschild’s family once said, “When you control all the money it doesn’t matter who is making the laws.”

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