‘Pollster Shocked: Young People Not So “Tolerant and Progressive” After All’ (2019)

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Oh no, no, no, no! It can’t be! Aaaaaaagh!

Y’know, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered more intellectual dishonesty in all my life, than this.

Dig how the CEO of the Harris Poll bewails the results of his own poll.

Pollster Shocked: Young People Not So ‘Tolerant & Progressive’ After All

Wah-wah! Did the naughty people mess up your narrative? Give you the wrong answers, did they?

In two years, the approval rating for LGBTQetc among “young people” went from 53% to 45%. That was 2019. Unless they’ve tweaked the poll to make it come out the way they want, I’m sure that number is worse today.

But to expect them not to tweak the poll is fantasy.

State AG Sues Scottsdale Schools (Spying on Parents!)

Group protests Critical Race Theory at Fort Worth ISD school board meeting

School board meetings never used to be this loud.

Once upon a time it would’ve been just about impossible to believe a scenario like this (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/06/23/arizona-ag-sues-school-district-accused-blocking-public-comment-during-meetings-parents-should-never-silenced/): A school board knowingly violating the law and a board president spying on parents.

This is what’s happening in Scottsdale, AZ–where the state attorney general is suing the school district for trying to silence free speech on controversial topics (like the highly unpopular “mask mandate”) and, of course–public bodies do this a lot–violating the state’s Open Meeting Law in a variety of not-so-clever ways. This was all in 2021. (See https://leeduigon.com/2021/11/15/youre-out-scottsdale-az-school-board-president/).

In addition, the former board president is being sued for spying on parents and publishing their private information… which made them highly vulnerable to identity theft and other crimes.

Do you remember a time when local school boards were your friends and neighbors, who represented you and did the best they could? Not any more! I covered local school boards as a reporter in the 1970s. Nothing–nothing!–like this was going on… although the state and federal governments were already working to erase local autonomy in education. Looks like they’ve done a pretty good job of it.

Well, the state of Arizona is now suing these jerks; and I hope we see some pretty hefty criminal penalties dished out. This really has to stop.

And at this point public education itself has to stop.

Abortion as Self-Defense (Are They That Crazy?)

Ezekiel 8:14-18 KJV - Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the  LORD's house which was toward the north; and, behold, there sat women  weeping for Tammuz.

Tammuz was a pagan deity, an idol, whose worship crept into Jerusalem and reached even into the Temple of Jehovah, as told in Ezekiel 8. In those days in Judah, the right worship of God was corrupted by “going along to get along” with paganism.

We don’t have Tammuz anymore, but we do have plenty of idols. “Science.” The state. Celebrities. And Abortion (!), aka “Women’s Health,” “Reproductive Rights,” and “Choice.” And now that the Supreme Court has knocked it down as law for the whole country, kicking it back to the states, there are plenty of wackos out there literally weeping (and cursing and screaming) for this heathen idol. Just like they used to weep for Tammuz, before the destruction of Jerusalem.

But look at it this way.

If you abort a whole generation of babies, there’ll be no one around to have you euthanized the moment you miss a step.

Pushback! College Has to Cough Up $800G to Christian Student

Everywhere a Student Happens to Be Standing Is a "Free Speech Zone" |  FreedomWorks

Georgia Gwennit College was only one of hundreds of colleges with speech codes, free speech zones, etc. But now those hijinks are going to cost the college $800,000 (https://www.thecollegefix.com/college-will-pay-800000-to-settle-free-speech-lawsuit-filed-by-silenced-christian-student/).

In 2016 the college silenced a Christian student who tried to evangelize on campus. He got permission to do so in one of the “designated free speech zones,” but that was taken away because “someone complained.” (See how far you get, “complaining” about Critical Race Theory.) So was born a lawsuit brought by the Alliance Defense Fund representing the Christian student. The $800,000 is an out-of-court settlement. We can only imagine what the college would have to be if the case had gone to trial.

But as usual, the Far Left bullies backed down when it came time to go to court.

And this year Georgia passed a state law abolishing “free speech zones.” The Constitution makes the entire United States a free speech zone.

Gwennit College tried to weasel out of it in 2021 by “amending” its speech code “to bring it into line with the Constitution,” but a court ruled that didn’t let them off the hook for abuses perpetrated earlier.

Of course, no amount of fines or penalties will really hurt a college–not when they can just raise the tuition at will and get federal money for promoting transgender.

People staying away from college and not sending their children there, letting these schools go out of business and die–that will stop the abuses.

‘Toxic Fiction’ (2013)


Ooh-ooh! I wanna be a TV villain! I don’t have a show, but I can still be a villain!

Toxic Fiction

Many of you are way to young to remember Dallas, a red-hot hit of a TV show starring Larry Hagman as iconic antihero J.R. Ewing. J.R. captured the public’s imagination: the more evil he did, the more they liked him.

Well, we don’t need J.R. or Dallas anymore; we have real-life villains that make him look like a philanthropist, and the daily nooze coming out of the Biden administration puts Dallas in the shade. And unlike Dallas, it’s on every day, not once a week. J.R. was a saint compared to these stiffs.

Erasing History: No Slavery Photos Allowed

What Are Censorship's Historical Consequences? | IFK

If a historical image is “distressing” to someone living today, 170 years later–well, then, let’s opt for self-imposed amnesia and not let anybody see the picture anymore!

That seems to be what the Massachusetts Supreme Court is saying.

So now a woman can sue Harvard for displaying some ancient photos taken in 1850–“widely-published, historical photos” (https://www.boston.com/news/local-news/2022/06/23/court-harvard-can-be-sued-for-distress-over-slave-photos/). Photos of slaves, to be exact. Harvard allowed the photos to be seen (as opposed to forbidden photos that may never be seen–except I guess these are now forbidden), constituting a “reckless infliction of emotional distress.”

What is this? We can only have nice history from now on? We are not allowed to know what happened in 1850, not allowed to study it, because someone might be distressed? We can’t just say, “Well, then, if the pictures distress you, don’t look at them”? There are pictures that distress me. I don’t look at them. But I don’t insist, “No one in the world should be allowed to see those pictures!”

Okay, for sure, we don’t want to go around distressing people. But here a court seeks to impose by force what ought to be an act of courtesy and kindness. It’s one way to wipe out courtesy and kindness. The woman says these are pictures of members of her family. So show some other pictures. Or meet with her to discuss the matter like grown-up human beings.

But how are we to study history if historical images are withheld from us?

So who says anyone is still studying history? At Harvard, no less.

Far Left Wacko: ‘Dissolve the Supreme Court’

Sad Man in Dunce Cap | #C32004 | CSA Images

It’s a co-equal branch of government established by the Constitution, but a talking head out there wants to “dissolve the Supreme Court of the United States” (https://livenewsamerica.com/keith-olbermann-calls-for-supreme-court-to-be-dissolved-over-pro-2a-ruling/)–this while a panel of Democrats in Congress gabble about “the Jan. 6 Insurrection.” Oh! And keep trying to set up a federal “Disinformation Governance Board.”

Think the Disinformation police will be coming after this guy?

Keith Olbermann used to be a big wheel in Far Left Crazy. Now he’s just a crabby old lib on YouTube.

He doesn’t like the way the Court’s been ruling lately, so he wants to get rid of it. How, he doesn’t say.

He also recommends that states ignore SCOTUS rulings that Democrats don’t like–especially the Court’s most recent affirmation of law-abiding citizens’ right to own and carry firearms.

Nope, no insurrection here.

I don’t like to insert this dindle into the nooze, but he’s already there, trying to make himself relevant. Besides, he’s surely not the only leftid who wants to abolish the Supreme Court. If they can’t pack it, sack it.

These are not people who want our republic to survive.

Our Self-Sink Navy

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Safe enough for you?

“I intend to sail in harm’s way.”  –John Paul Jones

“Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”  –Adm. David Farragut

“We intend to create a safe space for everybody.”  –Today’s pathetic excuse for a navy.

Forget about winning wars. The U.S. Navy isn’t about winning wars, defending America, or anything like that. It’s about “right pronouns”! It’s about “affirming someone’s identity”! (https://www.breitbart.com/social-justice/2022/06/22/u-s-navy-releases-video-training-sailors-to-use-right-pronouns-not-misgender-colleagues/) They’ve even produced a training video to that effect.

Do you want to hear what office of the U.S. Navy has generated this? Better sit down first. Take a deep breath–

Naval Sea Systems Command Inclusion and Engagement Council: Diversity Team.

I wonder what Admiral Halsey would have thought of that.

I wonder what the new Communist Chinese Navy thinks of it. Thank they’re scared of us? [Seven-minute laugh break, plus oxygen]

If this doesn’t get stopped, erased, and replaced by sanity before the next major war starts… we’re sunk.

My Newswithviews Column, June 23 (‘Governed by Ninnies’)

Deep Thoughts with Kamala Harris: Is Veep's Babbling Self-Sabotage or Dem Effort to Ruin Her? - YouTube

In case you couldn’t define ‘sarcasm’…

You can fight a foreign foe. (Well, you can try: it gets kind of difficult when your generals are paralyzed by fear of Climbit Change). But how do you fight home-grown stupidity? How does a country survive an education system that generates battalions of dopes like Kamala Harris?

Governed by Ninnies

We are in deep, deep trouble. Our public schools and universities make people stupid. We might not have enough homeschooled young people to carry us over the time it takes to get rid of our current education system and replace it.

Because you ain’t fixin’ it, people. It’s too far gone for that.

If you don’t think so, listen to Kamala.

Shake the Schools and Pour…

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

Oh, our poor country!

I’m not a Newt Gingrich fan, but he does have a point. Vice President (oh, please) Kamala Harris, he says, “is the first product of our modern teachers’ union/woke education system to get anywhere.” Which is to say, “She knows nothing” and is oblivious to things going on around her.

And should anything happen to SloJo Biden, already the worst president ever, this human train wreck, Kamala Harris, would replace him. So if he’s alive in 2024, he’s runnin’. Like, who do the Democrats have who wouldn’t be even worse?

Do we have enough kids homeschooling to carry the country on their shoulders when they grow up? It’s a scary thought: a whole generation of nothingburgers like Kamala taking over America. Sheesh. If that doesn’t kill us, nothing will. Just her cackling alone might do it…