‘Fake News, 1938’ (2017)

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Why was this man smiling? Had he just read some British newspapers?

Just how badly can fake and feckless “news” reporting damage a country?

It very nearly killed Great Britain.

Fake News, 1938

The owners of the major newspapers, the BBC, and the ruling political party all worked together to convince the British people they had nothing to fear from Adolf Hitler, he was a nice man, he only wanted what was reasonable, he would never go to war, etc., etc.

Not only was it all lies. They knew it was all lies. And when war finally did break out, it found Britain weak and unprepared.

Many, many people suffered for this.

As our country will suffer–at the hands of Red China, our own fake nooze media, and the Democrat Party.

Biting the Hand That Feeds Him (P.S. You’re Fired)

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Guess what? They hate you!

The Public Broadcasting System this week has fired its head lawyer, Michael Beller, for getting caught on video saying how much he hates and despises the American people who pay his salary (https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2021/01/pbs_fires_its_chief_counsel_for_saying_what_democrats_really_think.html).

Project Veritas caught Mr. Beller. So PBS’s CEO fired him because, let’s face it, PBS is entirely funded by the American people and it’s bad for them to be calling the people names and saying it’d be great if more of the dumb ‘n’ stupid peasants died of COVID, etc. The CEO whined about Veritas’ “deceptive videos” and then fired Beller anyhow. Huh?

Beller also said Republicans’ children should be forcibly taken from them and put in re-education camps. Silly Wabbit. Hasn’t he heard of public schooling?

The author of the piece at The American Thinker, Andrea Widburg, says Beller was fired because the opinions he expressed are practically universal among the Washington D.C. elite. They all despise us.

Why must we be, um, “governed” by people who hate us? Don’t you think there’s something wrong with that.?

My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 14 (‘The Big Lie Takes Form’)

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These Newswithviews pieces have been coming out of my hide lately. Well, of course it’s stressful. Vampires are poised to descend on our country.

The Big Lie Takes Form

I was a newspaperman for some years, reporter and editor. Once upon a time it was a profession you could take pride in being part of. Now it’s a disgrace. Now there’s nothing left of it by a slavish devotion to the Democrat Party.

Believe me, it used to be worth something. Years and years ago.

Is There Some Hope, After All?

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Is there a wild card in the deck, in our new Senate?

Thanks to Democrat cheating in the Georgia Senate race, the new Senate will be divided, 50-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris (Fraud Party) casting the deciding vote whenever there’s a tie–making her, in effect, a one-woman Senate. So Democrats will get everything they want–right?

Enter West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, who describes himself thus: “I’m a proud moderate conservative Democrat. Maybe there’s not many of us left, but I can tell you what this country wants is moderation (https://nypost.com/2021/01/12/sen-joe-manchin-denounces-impeachment-efforts-against-trump/).

Manchin called Democrat efforts to impeach President Donald Trump, just a few days before his term ends, “so ill-advised.”

Back in November Manchin pledged himself to vote against “crazy stuff” proposed by Democrats. “Whether it’s packing the court or ending the filibuster, I will not vote to do that.” Asked about it again this month, he said he would stand by that pledge: “Nothing’s changed.”

Memory check: Remember Republican Senator Jim Jeffords, from Vermont? In 2001, “Jumping Jim” switched–somewhat ineffectually–to the Democrat side, for which our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. hailed him as a patriot.

Think Manchin will get the same treatment if he votes with Republicans “to block major progressive legislation”?

If only he has the courage–and it will take courage–and decency to do it! We aren’t sure we can trust him. People we’ve trusted all along have been deserting us, lately. But if Manchin really can gird up his loins to vote against the crazy stuff, America will owe him a debt of profound gratitude.

Put your money where your mouth is, Joe. We’re with you if you do!

A Prediction: Prepare for Scare

Cats watching scary movies video - YouTube

One thing I think is bound to be a feature of this year is scare stories aimed at us from all directions. Scares and hoaxes and we’re-all-freakin-doomed–from the nooze media, assorted politicians, corrupt government officials who think terrified people are easier to keep in line, “teachers,” academic pinheads, and globalist gasbags, just to name a few.

Just in the last few hours I’ve heard scare stories of global power outage, the dollar’s gonna crash, and Trump’s gonna start a civil war, blah-blah. You can shrug it off when it’s just some nimrods on the Internet. But of course it isn’t. It’s highly-paid, high-prestige, sages and oracles and Experts. Who have access to computer models! And when has a computer model ever steered anybody wrong?

The effect of this–you’d swear it was intended, but it’s probably not–will be a state of sheer confusion as to what the “news” is or isn’t. What’s really happening? Who’s doing what to whom? Thucydides, over 2,000 years ago, admitted those were very hard questions for any historian to answer: and he knew, because he’d tried. But how much harder is it now, with everybody and his brother spouting Genuine Bona Fide Bombshells and cluttering up your email with them? To say nothing of purposeful lies, all designed to help the Democrat Party seize power over us, peddled by the “real” nooze media? “It’s being reported in the nooze, so it must be true!” Ghaaa.

Since the Democrats stole the 2020 election, we regular people have been in a kind of state of shock. We will need courage and endurance. What passes for “news”  just now won’t shore up anybody’s courage or endurance.

Pray unceasingly.

Okay, Got It!

Big Lie High Res Stock Images | Shutterstock

All right, now I know what to write for Newswithviews. Consider this a preview.

Even as we sit here watching, the Big Lie–or, if you’re a noozie, “The Narrative”–is being sculpted out of a lot of smaller (but still big) lies. Here are its chief components.

*There was no fraud in this past election (a real whopper).

*Donald Trump incited a riot at the Capitol (completely ignoring riots incited by Democrats over the past four years, including several invasions of the Capitol–but those, of course, don’t count).

*COVID-19 is the deadliest disease in all of human history, and fully justifies any and all draconian measures and abridgements of our civil rights to, er, fight it.

*America is an evil racist country in sore need of a fundamental transformation.

*Communist China is our friend.

*80 million people, who haven’t been heard from since, voted for China Joe Biden.

And there you have it–pushed on us by our Free & Independent Nooze Media morning, noon, and night.

God help us.

‘Stupid Authorities Crash Down on 9-Year-Old for Calling Brownies “Brownies”‘ (2016)

Florida Cops Arrested An 8-Year-Old Boy At School. Now His Family Is Suing  - NowThis

See? This is one of those things we normal people should have put a stop to, years ago. But because we let all this wicked foolishness go unchallenged, we’re in the mess we’re in now–lorded over, lock, stock, and barrel, by the Far Left Crazy. Who stole our presidential election.

Stupid Authorities Crash Down on 9-Year-Old for Calling Brownies ‘Brownies’

Yes! Activate the full panoply of government! A 9-year-old child has called brownies “brownies”! It’s a racial incident! Police! County prosecutor! State Division of Making Mountains Out of Molehills! Everybody’s gotta get into the act. Make sure the siren’s working!

We let stuff like this go by. We didn’t stop it. We didn’t toss out of office those addle-pated “officials” responsible for it. We’re normal people, we have lives to lead, families, jobs, etc. We don’t have time to try to kick out a county prosecutor. We don’t have time to see what kind of loonies run our school system and find out how we can get rid of them.

That’s why we woke up this morning with the enemy holding all the cards–and probably a derringer, too, aimed right at us.

We are in very deep trouble now.

Hello? Help?

Tree Stump Removal Reasons | Reasons To Remove A Tree Stump

I am stumped. I have to write a Newswithviews column today and I’m stumped.

Liberty and the Constitution are melting away before our eyes. No more checks and balances: Far Left Crazy has the whole government sewed up. Every institution which we trusted in has failed us, if not actively betrayed us. In the end, Donald Trump stood alone against a deeply corrupted, anti-American ruling class. Once they finish getting him out of the way, they’ll be coming for the rest of us.

What do we do? There are 75 million of us. There must be something we can do to protect ourselves and our country.

We don’t know what to do. And events are moving so swiftly, the Big Lie is like a freakin’ tidal wave, we are buffeted from one side to another, that we can hardly think straight.

Ideas, anyone? I’ve got to write the column this afternoon. Suggestions, anyone?

Hang on, pray, and wait for God to do His stuff.

That’s as far as I’ve got so far.

‘Which is Stupider, Government or Public Education?’ (2015)

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It’s never, never wrong when they do it!

For leftids, everything is a one-way street. Only white people can be Racists. Only white men can be Sexists. And only non-leftids can be guilty of bullying.

So you know, when libs talk about “anti-bullying,” what they really mean is they get to use the apparatus of government to bully anyone they please. This is especially flagrant in what we laughingly call “public education.”

Which is Stupider, Government or Public Education?

Yowsah, yowsah! If a… “teacher”… decides you’ve “bullied” someone, she can fine your parents and even hand out other punishments, like “community service” (humiliation by means of forced labor) or “counseling” (treating you like you’re evil or crazy because you’re not like them).

And you wonder why our country’s so screwed up?