‘Holy Cow! We Don’t Trust the Nooze Media?’ (2020)

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They’re breaking it, all right–in more ways than one.

Here’s a poll from three years ago that says 60% of the people don’t trust the nooze media to tell the truth.

Holy Cow! We Don’t Trust the Nooze Media???

Sixty percent! What would happen to a car company if it had those numbers? And yet the noozies are still out there every day, every night, carrying water for the Democrat Party and lying to us for all they’re worth.

Y’know, when I was a boy, “news reporter” was a respected, even admired, profession. I don’t know that they can ever repair their reputation. I think they would rather be in bed with the power brokers than trusted by a public they despise.

‘”John Legend” Sez He’ll Leave If Trump Is Re-Elected’ (2020)

Yakity-Yak: 60 Years of Teeth That Talk Back | Collectors Weekly

They never do what they say they’ll do!

It’s four years later and I still wouldn’t know this guy if I found him sleeping on my doorstep. Another prattling celebrity I never heard of.

‘John Legend’ Sez He’ll Leave if Trump is Re-Elected

It would be heavenly if all these libs actually left America, like they always say they’re going to and never do. The problem is, where would they go? What other country wants America’s whining liberals?

And anyhow, what are they worried about? They stole the last election, they’ll certainly try very hard to do it again in 2024.

‘What? 30 Million Killed by Virus?’ (2020)

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Worse than the Great Plague! Bring on the mail-in ballots

The thing to remember here is that as they did it in 2020, they’ll do it again in 2024–a nice big panic, lockdowns, ballot drop boxes, and mail-in voting–and surprise! Another Democrat victory.

What? 30 Million Killed by Virus?

Here’s the kind of panic porn they were trotting out three years ago. “Thirty million dead with COVID!” And it was pure fear-mongering. It was not true. Its entire purpose was political.

How else do you get a monkey like Joe Biden into the White House?

Are we prepared to say “No, no, no!” this time?

‘”Change?” What Change? “Action?” What Action?’ (2019)

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Yeah, let’s have some Change! This time it’s bound to turn out right!

One thing that never changes is Far Left ignorant knot-heads calling for “change.” Oh, how tiresome that gets! Change this, change that, change everything–as long as these jidrools get to lord it over us. ‘Cause that’s what they want. That’s all they want.

‘Change?’ What Change? ‘Action?’ What Action?

We’re about to enter another presidential election season, if we haven’t reeled and staggered into it already; and we’re going to hear the world’s biggest fat-heads bloviate for “change.”

But all they really want is to take your money and lock you up.


No, Parents, They Do NOT Respect You

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(“Oh, those meddling parents!”)

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.]

Hey, the U.S. Secretary of Education came right out and said it: he doesn’t “respect” parents “acting as if they know what’s right for kids” (https://tennesseestar.com/uncategorized/education-secretary-says-he-doesnt-respect-parents-thinking-they-know-whats-right-for-kids/jtnews/2023/09/25/).

Hear that, you plebs! You’re paying boxcar-loads of money to “educators” who admit that they despise you! Who think they have a license to groom your kids for sex. And teach them that race is everything! Transgender lessons out the wazoo! The whole Far Left culture-killing, family-destroying Fun-Pack!

So… Is Secretary Miguel Cardona right–you’re just a bunch of ignorant peasants, unworthy of respect? Do you want to re-elect his boss, SloJo Biden? How about keeping the whole gang of them in power, lording it over us and using our kids as lab rats in their social experiments?

What do ‘educators’ have to do, to get you to pull your children out of their teachers’ union schools? Or is there just no limit to how much they can insult you and trample on your wishes?

They take your silence as consent. (At first I made an error and typed “content.” Now I wonder if that really was an error.)

‘Equity Teacher’: White People Have ‘No Culture’

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Why do parents allow their children to be “educated” by racist weirdos from the teachers’ unions?

In the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, California (of course), a special “equity teacher”–according to a complaint by a student’s mother–has been teaching the kiddies that white people have “no culture,” except for the bit they “stole” from others (https://www.newsweek.com/california-school-teaching-white-people-no-culture-sparks-fury-1828096). This is taught in… choir class!

Who knows what the, er, “teacher” meant by that? But even granting, foolishly, that this were true… Well, have you looked at any other group’s “culture” lately? If what you see makes you happy, get some help. You need it.

And yet with all the abuse–transgender grooming, anti-white propaganda, etc., etc.–millions of parents continue to send their kids to public schools. Go figure. How much worse could the alternatives possibly be?

If our civilization collapses, public education will have earned the lion’s share of blame.

Honk if you know what the word “equity” is supposed to mean.

‘God’s Blessing: Nations’

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When God (in Genesis 11) confounded human language and made it impossible to complete the Tower of Babel, it was seen by the human race as a punishment.

But it really was a blessing.

God’s Blessing: Nations

How ancient is the dream of global government! And imagine the mischief we’d get up to, if we ever had it. For all they do wrong, our nations are nevertheless a protection from crimes made infinitely worse by the power of government.

We can hardly be trusted with our own national governments. God knows what a world government would do to us.

In Defense of the Liberal Arts

Fine Arts Lecture Series | Student Opportunities | Seaver College

It’s not as silly as it looks!

Art History is often held up as the supreme example of a totally useless college course. I took two semesters of it and wished I could take more. Those lectures were always well-attended.

It wasn’t going to help me “do” anything. It wasn’t going to put one more nickel in my pocket. It was probably as “useless” as that honors course on Dante that I took. Or those lectures on the Persian Empire by Prof. Maksoudian–no one missed those if he could help it.

Today “higher education” itself is held up as an epitome of uselessness–held up so by me, at least. What happened? “Everybody goes to college!” That’s what happened. Which means two things at once: 1) They dumbed it down for the millions of students who were not going to be engineers or computer experts; 2) except for those few who are enclosed in “STEM” like hermits, they turned college into a Far Left indoctrination factory.

A reader sent me an article which expresses it better than I can.


Do we not know that we shall not live by bread alone? Sure, we can learn many valuable, even precious, things with no help from any college. But there is something to be said for scholarship! For Shakespeare, for Thomas Jefferson, for Burke and Locke and St. Gildas on the Ruin of Britain. The collective experience of the human race has value. My stars! I’m re-reading Livy now–and the Rome of Livy’s time, and the earlier Rome he brought back to life in his writing–oh, these cry out to me! I can’t see the nooze and not see history.

The lack of a formal education didn’t stop my grandfather from operating a business, publishing a newspaper, and pursuing his own education at his own pace. Yeesh, that man was wise! (Raised six daughters, too.) Highly self-motivated. But I’m sure there were college courses he would have enjoyed–knowledge and understanding that he could add to his store.

The university is not your county vo tech. It was never meant to be devoted to Far Left brainwashing, either. I agree with the author cited above: If you’ve never studied anything but how to make a buck doing some technical thing or other, your mind will be practically defenseless when the Far Left wackos come for it. Livy can’t tell you how to fix your air conditioner; but he certainly can tell you how to recognize it when they undermine your constitutional republic. Things like that don’t change; and a well-rounded liberal arts grounding can help you understand them.

I continue my own education. No more college–college has pretty much destroyed itself. But the classics of literature, history, theology, philosophy, etc., etc.–they’re still here. You can still let them teach you.

Until they make a “law” against it.

Stop Freee Speatch Nhow!!!!

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Cuddnt has sayed It beter My Self!!!!!!

Its abuot Tyme somb-boddy thay sed “this!”!”

This heer wimmin,, she “used” to be the Pryme Minster of New Zeelind or somb-plaice, well, she goed to the U.N. and gaive “a” speach and boy was She “on” targit!!!!!! She sayed freee speach It Has Got To Go becose it “gets in” The way of fiting Climbit Chainge!!!!!!

So we holded a Merjintsy Meting “of the” Stoodint Soviet and voated younaministly to End Free Speatch heer “At” collidge!!!! I doughnt “know” wye it taked us So Long “to” do That!!!!! Fromb nhow On yiu cant “say” ennything butt “waht” we Say yiu can Say!!!!

Jist thinck Of “awl” “the” Prombles this wil salve!!!!!! Oncet thay See “peple” geting fluncked Out “and” eckspeled for saying “The” Rong Thing,, no boddy thay wil Say rong Things “enny” moar!!!! Wen evvry-boddy thay doughnt Say nothing butt the saim Rite Things,, we wil has True Dyvarsitty!!!!!!!!!!

Ownly Racists waunt Freee Speatch ennyhaow!!!!

Nhow awl we has got To “do” is Vaxinate evvry-boddy!!!!! Betcha the’ll Shut Up “wen thay” sea The Neeedul comming!!!

Down with Free Speech? Really?

New Zealand's extinct moa irreplaceable, research reveals ...

Moas are not the only things now extinct in New Zealand. Anybody seen common sense or basic sanity lately?

She may not be the prime minister of New Zealand anymore, but Jacinda Ardean has landed a cushy berth at Harvard, with opportunities to address the United Nations.

Which she did a few days ago, calling on the UN to limit or choke off free speech (https://jonathanturley.org/2023/09/20/harvards-jacinda-ardean-calls-on-the-united-nations-to-crack-down-on-free-speech-as-a-weapon-of-war/). “We cannot allow free speech to get in the way of fighting Climate Change,” she said.

I remember a time when no one but a kook would dare say he was against free speech. Even the most slobbering Democrat at least gave lip service to our most basic and least dispensable liberty.

But now they just don’t bother. Tyranny is cool. Look how great it works for China–that government has really got the power, baby!

And the beauty of it is, no government, once it’s made up its mind to curtail the people’s liberties, will ever run out of excuses to do it! If it’s not Climbit Chainge, it’s “Online Safety.”

Is New Zealand still part of what they used to call “the free world”?

Why is everybody laughing?