‘The Beginning of Folly’ (2019)

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The Bible teaches us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 9:10).

What about fear of Climbit Change and “white supremacists” (all dozen of them)?

It’s the beginning of folly… and slavery to Far Left politics.

The Beginning of Folly

Our Exalted Leaders will protect us from things that aren’t real. They’ll spend rafts of our money to solve problems and crises that don’t exist. And when the world doesn’t end, they’ll say “See! It worked! Now give us more of your money and sacrifice more of your liberty (if there’s any of it left) so we can protect you from Elves.”

‘Progressivism Made Simple’ (2013)

Kashmir's 'Rage Boy' invites humour, mirth - Times of India

Follow the bouncing boob.

Actually, nothing has changed since I first posted this nine years ago… except the Far Left Crazy has more in your face than ever. But what makes these people tick?

Progressivism Made Simple

Yes, this is the Evil Is Good and Good Is Evil crowd, and they’ve got our country backed into a corner. Gettin’ kinda hard for us to believe in the integrity of our elections–eh, Maricopa County?

But it’s the schools and the movies and the TV and Big Tech and Big Sodomy and all the warped “science” that have all joined forces against us. It’ll be a miracle if America survives its “education” system.

Let’s Just Relax

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No, no, no! I am not going to write up any politics today, I am not going to write up any nooze–and wit you well (as Sir Thomas Malory would say), there’s plenty I could write about. I am going to go out and have a cigar, work a little on my book, come back in to watch “Godzilla vs. Megalon,” and then sit down to our Thanksgiving dinner.

Judah the Maccabee, fighting for the survival of his nation, insisted on resting on the Sabbath: he would not do battle on that day unless he were attacked.

We fight for America. Maybe for the whole Western civilization, what’s left of it. But this day at least we set aside for thanksgiving to God.

Yes, They Think We’re Idiots

NATIONAL VIDEO GAMES DAY - September 12, 2023 - National Today

Gotta seduce the plebs with video games–they have such childish minds!

I’ve become convinced that we, the human race, are “governed”–lorded over–by wicked and ungodly persons who despise us and seek only to increase their own personal power and wealth at humanity’s expense. And that the sheer enormity of their crimes is their best protection.

They think we’re morons.

They are desperate to sell us Climate Crisis/Climate Change, because it gives them a ready-made excuse for anything they want to do.

And now they think they can win us over–“raise awareness” of “climate issues,” as they put it–with… video games (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/european-union-passes-resolution-use-video-games-propaganda-cite-ability-raise-awareness-climate-issues/).

Is this insulting, or what? “They just fall asleep, or their minds wander, if we lecture them about this stuff. They’re stupid. They’re the plebs. But if we package it as a video game, they’ll be eating the poison right out of our hands!”

Oh… They say the video games will also “promote European history, identity, heritage, values [LOL], and diversity [?!] through immersive experiences.”

What “values”? I’m afraid to ask.

And for “diversity” read “coerced uniformity of thought, speech, and behavior.”

Where is our Moses who will speak God’s word to Pharaoh: “Let my people go”?

Oh, God! COVID Vaccine Commercials

We don’t have television, so we didn’t see any of the COVID vaccine propaganda pieces that flooded the airwaves. I only became aware of them today.

Is this the Soviet Union revisited, Red China relocated, or a dystopian movie like The Running Man remastered? Are they targeting children with their, er, “messages”–or do they think adults today are every bit as gullible as children? Can’t blame “education” if they aren’t!

God help us, there must be hundreds of these horrible little ads! Many with catchy little jingles. Like they used to play at the drive-in, between features, to get you to buy popcorn.

I’m beginning to think the age we’re living in now is the most woefully corrupt in human history. If only we could find our way out of it…

R.J. Rushdoony, ‘Capitalization and Decapitalization’

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R.J. Rushdoony–he didn’t need a crystal ball to see the future.

I know the title is a little dry and the essay is a long one, but stay with it. R.J. Rushdoony wrote it back in 1967, and it’s still as true as ever. Maybe even more so.


“Capitalization is the product of work and thrift,” he said; and these are the product of character. Specifically Christian character. But “socialism is organized larceny,” and its result is decapitalization–more need, less money!–and not only inflation and want, but also a deterioration of character itself. “Things which were once intolerable and forbidden are now openly promoted and sponsored,” Rushdoony wrote. Can you say “transgender”? We go from secret, hidden vices to abominations openly performed.

As our culture, our character, deteriorates, so does our productivity. The inflation that we face today, the worst in 40 years, is exactly what Rushdoony would have predicted.

We can’t just let it all keep going as it’s going.

Teaching American Kids to Hate America

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Nope, nothin’ in there!

Sometimes I want to just throw up my hands and pretend there is no nooze, it was all a bad dream, none of it was ever real…

Like this report, for instance (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4111084/posts):

Some eighty percent (!) of 18-20-year-olds who have been to public school, most of whom, we presume, are now getting their brains finished off in college, believe the garbage they were taught in school–“Gender is an identity choice,” all white people have white privilege (LOL), America is a racist hell, etc., etc.

This is what we’re getting for our school tax dollars. This is what they’re “teaching” our children. How much longer our country will survive it is everybody’s guess. I mean, I wonder how many of these kids will have changed their minds by the time they’re 30.

God help us, it’s like we’re hiring the very hit men who will assassinate us.

No! You can’t just have a country that everybody hates! Sooner or later it bites the dust. The Soviet Union lasted for 70 years–a pretty good run for a merciless dictatorship that bullied and abused its people.

I am convinced that this is what our teachers’ colleges have in mind for us.

We can’t keep both our republic and our insane Far Left public school system. One or the other must go.

Of Course It’s Blasphemy

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No, I will not post a picture of a “pride” parade. Here’s a nice dogwood tree instead.

How come this isn’t hate speech? How come the FBI doesn’t break down this person’s door in the middle of the night?

Quote, by some airhead on The View: “Jesus would be the grand marshal of the Pride parade” if He were here today (https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2022/nov/21/sunny-hostin-view-host-jesus-would-be-grand-marsha/). “I really mean that!” she added, in case her imbecility should ever be called in question.

Can you imagine if she’d said that about Mohammed? Well, they’d kill her. They don’t let you watch The View in Iran.

Anyway, this schmendrick describes herself as “a devoted Catholic”–devoted to what? It doesn’t seem at all fair that every moral idiot in America should latch onto the Catholic Church. Pelosi, Biden… But because we are NOT a Muslim country, we don’t throw people off the roofs of skyscrapers just because we don’t like what they say, we have to tolerate these dindles.

As Christians we have to face the fact that there are an awful lot of people out there who don’t like us. Some are evil, some are ignorant, and some are both. Because our country was founded by Christians who strove to make it a cut above the other countries that they knew, even knuckleheads on The View can speak their piece. All we can do is tune them out and hope they go away.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, over the years, has been drafted into every kind of kook-club you can think of. “Jesus was a union man!” “Jesus was a Democrat!” Yatta-yatta. Now they want Him leading a parade of sodomites.

We know who’s leading their parade; and we know where it’s going.

‘White-Baiting “College” on the Skids’ (2017)

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You mean that people actually pay for this???

Just five years ago Evergreen State College, in Washington, held a “Day of Absence” in which no white people were allowed on campus. Those few who did were menaced by goons. The news got out fast, and enrollment at Evergreen went into a tailspin.

White-Baiting ‘College’ on the Skids

But do we learn? Do we remember?

This year Evergreen’s enrollment shot up 14%. Oh happy day. We are not told whether they’ve cleaned up their “We hate white people!” act… but why should they? If they were thinking it’d all blow over by and by, well, they were right.

What’s so great about college that all these people subject themselves and their offspring to it?

And why can’t we remember who the bad guys are?

You’ve Gotta Hear This!

The results of Arizona’s gubernatorial election have not yet been certified, we don’t know if they even can be certified–and stay with this video to hear the guy in the Statue of Liberty T-shirt tell it like it is to the powers that be. That’s about four minutes into the video.

The heights and depths of corruption in the supposed civilized world today stagger the imagination. There’s just no end to it! We will drown in our sins if we don’t repent and mend our ways in a hurry. But listen to the man in the video–he says it better than I can.