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If your ex-boyfriend phones you every day, long after you’ve told him, many times, that you don’t want to hear from him again, you can take his butt to court–right? I mean, that’s harassment, isn’t it? Like, it’s stalking!

So how come it’s okay for the same fly-by-night businesses to phone you every single day no matter how often you curse them, razz them, hang up on them, or scream? “This is your final notice…” for the ten thousandth time. “This is an apology call…” “This is an important message…” Yeah, right. That’s why it’s being delivered by a robot?

They call you every day. You’d think, after the thousandth time or so, that it’d dawn on them that you don’t want what they’re selling. But it doesn’t, because it’s not possible for anything to dawn on a robot.

The persons responsible for these calls should be prosecuted for harassment. They should be treated like stalkers, because that’s what they are. And I’m dashed if I can see how they get away with it.

France Goes Full-Throttle for Censorship

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How’s this for a deal? Get private companies, mostly American-owned, to act as unpaid thought police… for France! (

France has a new law aimed at ridding the Internet of “hate speech.” The law makes search engines and social networks–again, mostly American-owned–responsible for removing any kind of “hate speech” that anyone in France posts on the Internet.

Private companies will have just 24 hours to delete “hateful” comments or video, and one hour to delete “terrorist content.” Failure to do so will be punished with extremely high fines.

So what is all this “hate speech”? It’s any speech “inciting or glorifying terrorism, hate, violence or racist or religious abuse.” The actual definition is, shall we say, murky.

So you’re French and you post something about, say, adultery being a sin–which of course it is–and some American company, say, Twitter, decides unilaterally that your comment is “hateful” and takes action against you. Can you appeal it? Lots of luck with that! And the fines are so high, private companies are going to have to develop quick trigger fingers–they won’t want to cough up 4% of their yearly earnings.

What if you say “Such-and-such is a false religion”? Richard Dawkins et al say that about Christianity every day. Will they be silenced? Dream on. What if you say “White people are to blame for everything that’s wrong, and they should be dealt with harshly”? American college professors say that every day. Will they be censored? Don’t hold your breath waiting for that.

But say a discouraging word about “transgender” wackos and see what happens. Only the Left’s Cherished Minorities actually get cherished. The rest of us are always fair game.

These American companies habitually censor conservatives while giving assorted leftids a total free pass. They won’t mind censoring French conservatives, too. And wherever “hate” gets morphed into “social justice,” there won’t be any censorship.

Despite their historical flirtation with “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,” France has an awful lot to learn about free speech. They never have quite mastered it.

And now they’ve given up trying to.

‘Yeah, They’re Still Crazy’ (2017)

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Abandon all hope, all ye who enter here…

With Europe about to embark on a mass jihad against “hate”–they do not acknowledge that they hate normal people–it’s useful to revisit some of the crazy schiff pioneered by Canada.

Yeah, They’re Still Crazy

The beauty of Canada’s “We hate hate!” regime is that everyone is always guilty! “Hate” is so indistinctly defined, with all sorts of “inadvertent” or even “unconscious” acts included, that trying to get through a day without committing some obscure species of Canadian hate crime is as impossible as operating a New York City restaurant that’s in 100% compliance with the health code.

Liberalism sometimes makes it a real drag to be human.

Florida County’s 2018 Election Was a Mess, Auditor Charges

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Here’s what the state auditor has to say about the 2018 elections in Broward County, Florida:

“Based on the totality of these issues, we are unable to provide assurance over the accuracy of the November 2018 election results as reported” (

Among those “issues”: In half the precincts in the county, there were more ballots cast than there were eligible voters; “confusing ballot design” led to incomplete voting; “blank ballots” got lost; “poor quality control” in the recount; and more votes than there were voters. Other than that, it was fine.

And Democrats demand “vote by mail” in this year’s national elections! No way to ensure the elections’ integrity! The door left wide, wide, wide-open to voter fraud! Which is, of course, the lifeblood of the Democrat Party.

We can’t even keep order in Broward County.

Is this really the time to be messing around with elections nation-wide?

The Folly of Urbanization

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Hello! Wakey-wakey!

If you cram people into hyper-urbanized environments, you turn them into sitting ducks for any new germ that comes along. Especially if you take their cars away and stuff them into mass transit. That slurping sound is a hungry virus licking its lips.

Early this morning my wife saw a fox trotting up our sidewalk. You’re not supposed to see them. But their hiding places have been systematically uprooted and paved over, as the philosopher-kings labor to turn our lovely small town–not so lovely as it used to be!–into a noisy, crowded, ugly city. Gives ’em more clout within the Democrat Party, you see.

After decades of scheming and finagling for it, they’ve finally got high-rise dwellings in the middle of downtown, having gotten rid of several acres of parking space. They’ve got shills writing in to the local–ahem!–newspaper bragging about what a swell time they’re having in the high rise and how they, superior beings that they are, don’t need cars anymore and ain’t they just as cute as buttons? Their dwellings have been erected within yards of our very busy railroad tracks. How they manage with the noise is something they don’t talk about.

But make way for Agenda 21! Progress, progress!

What it looks like is a plan to first turn the towns into small cities and then connect the dots to transform all of central New Jersey into one big gigantic city. And stack all the people on top of each other, jam them together like sardines, because that’s supposed to make it easier to control them.

Hey, no problem! Mandatory universal vaccines, against every disease known to humankind–that’ll protect us. Mandatory lots of other things, too. Laws are cumbersome; mandates are cool: stroke of the pen, law of the land.

When progressives say “progress,” watch out.

‘Shoot the Media?’ (2017)

We don’t love them anymore.

There aren’t many fans of the nooze media here on this blog. So when the mayor of Tampa, a few years ago, cracked a joke about machine-gunning a crowd of “reporters,” a lot of us got a wee sardonic chuckle out of watching the media squirm.

Shoot the Media?

Three years later they still think we should love them for despising us and trying to transform our country into a socialist landfill. I don’t think anyone hates the American people more than the American nooze media, unless it’s the Democrat Party itself. But then the party and the noozies are pretty much the same thing.

I’m going to put quotes around the word “reporters” from now on because that word does not describe what the noozies do. Shilling for the Far Left, that’s what they do. Reporting news–not so much.

Are We Being ‘Engineered’?

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“You are getting sleepy, sleepy…. sleepy…”

Here’s an essay (later a book) that I’d never heard of till today: The Engineering of Consent by Edward Bernays ( It was published as an essay in 1947, expanded into a book in 1955, and its author has been credited with founding the public relations industry.

He’s also been credited with being the source of the notion that our society can be controlled by experts and elites using “scientific principles” to get people to support ideas and programs and buy stuff. Sort of hypnotizing the public. Big Brother as Svengali.

Why did anyone listen to Bernays? Well, in 1928 he created a highly successful campaign to win society’s approval of women smoking. Prior to that, women smoked, but it was looked down upon as rather too raffish for good taste. Bernays’ public relations campaign mainstreamed it. (Gee, Lord Peter Wimsey was involved in just such a campaign in Murder Must Advertise. As an advertising professional, author Dorothy L. Sayers was surely familiar with Bernays’ campaign: betcha anything it served her as a model).

Can “they” really “engineer” our consent? Certainly they think they can. Heck, obviously they think they can! Watch them get you to try to love the quarantine. Watch them try to get you to blame it on Trump. Look at the PR campaigns for “gay marriage” and “transgender.” They’ve been busy, busy, busy!

But who are “they”?

I don’t think I really need to tell you, do I?

How Is This Crazy S*** Supposed to Work?

National lockdown to fight coronavirus: What it means - India News

By now, I hope, most people have noticed that the states with the most onerous restrictions imposed on their people are all Democrat states, with Democrat governors making like Mussolini. And surely you’ve noticed that whenever a state draws near the date set by the governor for the end of the lockdown, they move it back another several weeks.

You can walk on wet sand, but not on dry sand. Don’t step outside without a mask on. Don’t even think about buying seeds for your garden. And so on. One “mandate” after another. We used to have laws. Now we have mandates.

Democrats are enjoying this like it was a beer party in heaven. Somehow burdening the American people with innumerable restrictions, some of which don’t make any kind of sense at all, is supposed to endear them to the voters, turn them against President Trump, and sweep their warmed-over socialist rag-pile party back into power in November. Like, all this stuff that Democrats are doing to us–that’s all Trump’s fault.

What? How?

Shut up, they explained.

The Democrats abuse us and reckon we’ll blame it all on Trump. I don’t understand that thinking. It only works if our Free & Independent Nooze media go whole-hog Democrat and the people–maybe God has driven them mad–believe them. The party and the noozies have to work closely together on this… as they’ve been doing all along.

Is America truly stupid enough to fall for this?

God forbid.

‘Some Thoughts on Memorial Day’ (2014)

Image result for images of memorial day parade

Not this year

Welcome to our locked-down, 50 degrees of Global Warming, parade-less Memorial Day of 2020. My family always had a backyard barbecue after the parade. Man, it’s cold this morning!

Some Thoughts on Memorial Day

Let’s keep the holiday in our hearts, and keep it in our minds, and resolve never again to shame our ancestors’ sacrifices by trashing the country they died to protect.

May God grant we come out of this pandemic tribulation a better and wiser nation than we were, going in.

‘Big Brother’s Going to “Help” Us’ (2016)

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Presidential washout Mike Bloomberg banning large sodas in New York

In light of the devastation wrought by the government’s response to the Chinese Communist Death Virus From China, this post from 2016 seemed particularly telling.

Big Brother’s Going to ‘Help’ Us

Have you noticed how the “choice” crowd can never find anything to do but take away your choices? Like here–they’re going to “help” us make better choices by making the choices for us and busting our skulls if we don’t like it. All for our own good, of course.

As the Lord told Isaiah, Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils: for wherein is he to be accounted of? (Isaiah 2:22).


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