‘Bill Maher: We Need to Promote Death’ (2018)

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Just wind him up and he chatters inanely.

Again we find confirmation of Proverbs 8:36, [A]ll they that hate me love death.” That would include alleged comedian Bill Maher.

Bill Maher: ‘We Need to Promote Death’

The thing with these people is, you can never quite decide what to make of them. Do they say these jejune things because they really believe them, or are they just trying to sound clever? (A lot of us outgrow that, once we’re out of high school.)

The line between “intellectual” and not-so-funny comedian is indeed a very thin one.

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  1. I have noticed that many times. Wondering if they are funny or just hateful. Thin line sometimes. I know a lot of people think comedians like Bob Hope were just silly, but I think silly is better than hateful.

  2. Martin Luther said unbelievers commit deicide because they hate God and want to be God themselves. FYI: I thought WordPress has cut me off your blog again, but then I thought to check my Spam folder and there you were – whew! that was a close one.

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