Memory Lane: My Rhino Horn

Rhino-plasty? DIY Rhino Horns

Look! This kid has a rhino horn! Popular culture has caught up to what my Grandma was doing in 1954.

Throughout my early childhood–right up to kindergarten, in fact–I wanted to be a zebra when I grew up. But for just a little while, I wanted to be a rhino.

I pestered Grandma about it, convinced that she was the wisest person in the world and would surely know how I could go about becoming a rhinoceros.

So she sat down at her sewing machine (every home I knew had one, back then) and made a rhino horn for me. It was made of white cloth and stuffed with lint, and it was soft and saggy–and I loved it! Out of the way, you pipsqueaks–here comes the rhino!

She also taught me that catalpa leaves make pretty good elephant ears.

You can’t buy grandparents, folks. You have to be blessed with them.

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  1. You were blessed to have a grandmother such as she, and I was similarly blessed. My grandma could make anything on a sewing machine, and she could even repair her machine if anything happened to it.
    She made clothes for me that would have been the envy of the most expensive designer houses.

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