Peep’s Back from the Vet’s

The problem seems to be joint pain, brought on by aging–although, Dr. Lyons said, Peep’s in fairly good shape for a cat her age (15+). So Peep got a shot, a bottle of medicine, a prescription to be filled… and blood work. We won’t know how that turned out till Monday.

Usually she goes ballistic if she has to visit the doctor, but this time, nowhere near so bad. I think she really took to Dr. Lyons.

Thank you all for your prayers, and please keep them coming till we’re out of the woods.

And now back to work.

6 comments on “Peep’s Back from the Vet’s

  1. The Lord is so gracious. I prayed directly for a calm visit and remedies to help her. We will look for further info, and keep praying.

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