Your School Tax Dollars–Down the Drain

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Boy howdy, you can’t keep track of all the ways public education finds to pour your money down the drain!

Here’s a new “educationese” cliche I only just ran into today: Social Emotional Learning, or SEL for short (they are very big on acronyms! Makes this schiff sound important.)

What is it? First find a machete to hack your way through all the acronyms. Apparently it has something to do with having the school replace the family as a child’s primary source of mental health etc. (Arne Duncan pioneered that nonsense, back in the bad old days of Obama.) Some of it is to teach children “to work well with others and control their emotions.” Did that use to be called “growing up”?

Why does the statist school have to provide “student well-being”? Oh, you’ll love this reason! Because “mental and emotional health in the US have declined over the last few years”–you can take any “educator’s” word for it, I suppose–and, get this: “About one in three children in the United States suffer at least one adverse childhood experience (ACE–”

Wait! Stop! What do they mean, “adverse childhood experience”? Is that what we used to call “life”? Are there some lucky people out there who never had an “adverse childhood experience”?

They also mean to help children “develop healthy identities.” What? Do you know what they’re talking about?

If people ever truly knew and understood how public education wastes their money, that they worked for, that they could have used for their own households–if people ever woke up to that… well, heads would roll.

[Note: The links to SEL articles are too unwieldy for me to manage. Suffice it to say I’ve read them.]

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  1. I had a lot of adverse childhood experiences as a child — scabby knees and elbows, colds, twisted ankles, losing at games, not getting my way…. Actually, so did almost all the other kids. Adverse experiences are part of being alive. Ergo (as we used to say in geometry and logic classes) what the Education Industry wants to do is stop children from being alive.

    1. I think you are 100% correct. Ultimately, all of this is Satanic and the aim of that one is to destroy humans. If you talk to many of the people under thirty or so (but certainly not all of them) you see people that are dispirited and living a life with neither highs nor lows.

      My life has had some ups and downs, including a time when I nearly didn’t survive. Some of these experiences were difficult and painful, but they’ve made me who I am today and made me much more resilient than I otherwise would have been. There are poor decisions I wish I hadn’t made, but overall, it’s been a good life and a life rich in experience.

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