Are We Still Adults?

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“Warning! Warning! This film/TV show/puppet show contains depictions of tobacco use, alcohol use, and foul language! Viewer discretion advised!”

If a Christian says “Such-and-such a behavior is a sin, displeasing to God, and that’s why I’m not going to do it,” he’ll get laughed out of the room. ‘Cause these are Smart People, who think there are 50 genders, marijuana should be available to everyone, all the time, there’s no such thing as an unnatural sex act, all perversions must be celebrated as “lifestyle choices”–but don’t you dare light up a cigarette!

It’s so weird, this 21st-century penchant for simultaneously being a hyper-puritan and a total libertine. Hollywood warns you off smoking, but encourages you, practically insists on it, to commit adultery whenever possible. You’re supposed to salaam to any male wacko who declares that he’s a woman–but don’t you touch that highball!

And if they were so bummed out by foul language, why did they put so much of it into their movie in the first place?

That whole disclaimer thing is an insult to our adulthood. For how many minutes do we have to watch the movie before we realize they never meant a word of it? Good grief, moral instruction from movies and TV! Might as well get it from the public schools.

6 comments on “Are We Still Adults?

  1. I’ve always thought that what’s called “adult entertainment” was about as adult as kids snickering over dirty words during grade school recess.

  2. It’s really ridiculous. I grew up in a non-smoking home, at a time when smoking was fairly common and not at all an uncommon sight on television. My parents never got upset if they saw someone smoking on TV. They had made their reasons for not smoking known to me from an early age and ultimately, the rest was up to me.

    If I recall correctly, there was once an animated cigarette commercial featuring the Flintstones.

  3. There’s a certain irony that they have been telling the public how bad smoking is, only turn around and legalize marijuana in certain states.

  4. My dad smoked, and my wife smoked until she was in her 50’s, and my daughter smokes. I don’t like it (tried it a few times – yuck), and I am glad it has fallen out of acceptable society. Now if the same thing could be done for perversion and homosexuals go back into the closet.

    1. Somehow being nagged and vilified does not motivate me to give up my cigars. I smoke one a day. Used to be more, but can’t smoke indoors anymore.

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