So Mad!

I'm so angry I could spit nails! — Baptist Fellowship

I’ve just come back from the vet’s–without my cat. She was supposed to have some kind of ultrasound tests today. I thought she would have the tests and then we’d come home. Fat chance.

What no one mentioned was that the doctor who does this might not come poncing into the office until 4:00 or so–and meanwhile Robbie can keep fasting. And they wouldn’t let me wait indoors, although it was punishingly cold outside. “We don’t want people hanging out here,” said some slob of a desk jockey whom I’d never seen before.

Hanging out? We’ve been customers there for 40 years, and some pimbo talks to me like this? I guess I was lucky that they let me use the bathroom.

Then they tell me (they waited an hour to tell me this) I might as well go home, they’ll call me when I can come back for Robbie.

That SloJo Biden spirit has seeped down to the local level. Now it’s everywhere, and things don’t get done right anymore.


4 comments on “So Mad!

  1. You can say that again. Almost every way you turn, things are out of whack. It is really hard on the nerves.

  2. Doesn’t everyone know New Jersey is a fascist/communist State? When Gov. Murphy was asked why his executive orders were contrary to the U.S. Constitution he said to answer that question was above his pay grade- his puppet masters make those decisions for him.

    1. The guy’s a total waste of space.
      NJ’s problem is that it’s owned by the teachers’ union, in lockstep with the Democrat Party.

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