‘School Board Puts Lid on Homework’ (2017)

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My home town school board, a few years ago, thought the kiddies were getting all stressed out by homework; so they cut it way back to hardly any. This is to prepare them for college, Play-Doh, and coloring books.

School Board Puts Lid on Homework

Oh, the fortune that we spend on public education! My high school and junior high school teachers used to load us down with homework: you had to learn how to do it efficiently, if you ever wanted to have any fun in life. I learned how to work accurately and fast.

Actual education is constantly being watered down. I’m beginning to find it sinister. How about you?

7 comments on “‘School Board Puts Lid on Homework’ (2017)

  1. I’ve seen it coming for a while. It may seem like a paradox, but the more you imbue young people with idleness and an entitlement mentality, the more easily they can be molded into slaves of the State.

  2. I remember well the tons of homework I had to do, and I really didn’t mind it; it was just expected. I really always loved to read, so it was no burden. I know there were some of the kids who lived on farms and had to help their parents with a lot of work, so it might not have been so much fun for them, but they seemed to manage somehow.

  3. There are some Christian schools that just have half day classes so the students have more time to read and study on their own. Each morning they give an account of their school work.

  4. I remember finishing my homework on the bus on the way home. The ride was long enough for it.

    The problem with homework was that it became a way for the teachers to foist off teaching the class they were supposed to, so they could use class time for whatever else they preferred to do. It was either that, or simply busywork to make it seem like they were accomplishing something. The kids would be stressed out doing the homework, because they weren’t being taught what they needed to know, in class.

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