More Trips to the Vet


Well, now Peep’s sick, too, so I’ve got to bring her in tomorrow morning. Robbie needs her stitches removed, plus her breathing doesn’t sound at all well to me, so I have to take her in this evening instead of having my nap.

And my wife is sick.

I can’t say I feel quite the ticket, either. Maybe it’s incessant stress and agita.

So please, please, continue to pray for us; and don’t forget our dear friend and sister, Phoebe: she needs our prayers, too. She’s sick, too.

And do I exaggerate if I say the nations of this fallen world are at this time seriously ill–and not just with COVID?

God help us all; Jesu defend us.

5 comments on “More Trips to the Vet

  1. I am praying for you, and I will certainly not stop now Both cats now? Trouble just never ends, but our Lord and Savior knows how to handle all this, and HE cares. Prayers going up for all of you.

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