Pray for Peep


We took her to the doctor Wednesday, she got her antibiotic shot, and now it’s Saturday, it doesn’t seem the medicine has kicked in, and she isn’t eating–because she has a cat-cold and can’t smell anything, and so can’t recognize her food as food. Probably can’t taste it, either.

My wife is frantic.

So please, friends, pray for this good little cat of ours, we need her sweet nature which ministers to us, we need her cuddles.

Now I’m going to go out and see if I can find anything fishy enough for her to want to eat it.

13 comments on “Pray for Peep

  1. Oh, poor little Peep! And poor Lee and Patty suffering along with her. Prayers are going up in a steady stream.

  2. Praying for all of you! When our old cat was really sick and wouldn’t eat, our vet had us fill a kids medicine syringe with chicken baby food and squirt it in her mouth. Not complete nutrition for the long term, but since cats don’t live long without food, it was a way of getting something in her body. If you’re desperate, this is an option.

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