Now It’s Bad News

The phone just rang again. This time the hospital. With bad news.

They want us to take Peep home because they can’t keep tapping her chest for fluid. They don’t know why she keeps filling up with it. We can consult a cardiologist, they say.

This is killing us.

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  1. Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. We recently had something go very wrong with one of our cats, and we were keeping her fed with mushed up food, using a syringe. Thankfully, the intake person for an organization that’s helping us adopt out our collection of yard cats took her, because we weren’t going to be able to get her to a vet for at least another couple of weeks. If she hadn’t, the cat would have died. She still very nearly did. It took weeks and a special toxicology test to find out that she apparently was being slowly poisoned over a long period of time, and it was building up in her brain. They said fertilizer, but we don’t have fertilizer in the house, so we still don’t know how she got poisoned. She did, however, go from death’s door and recommendations to euthanize, to healthy and thriving. So there is still hope, even in the extreme!

    I will continue to pray for you all.

  2. I’ve been out all morning, trying to stock up on cat food — which got sorely depleted while I was sick last week, and which is now being thrown up and/or thrown out more than digested. Iggy is going through one of his bad spells again. So I’m suffering along with you and Patty and Peep (and Robbie, who no doubt knows that something bad is going on). Many prayers are going up from here.

    1. We’re finding a lot of empty shelves in the cat food section at various supermarkets. Jackass gov’t can’t even get the ships unloaded.

    2. We’ve had a similar supply problem here, and even Chewy has had some out-of-stock problems. In fact, today I figured I’d have to go to at least two stores and scrounge whatever I could find that Iggy would (or should) eat. But I discovered that the first store I went to had finally gotten a shipment in, including a variety 24-pack with three flavors that I usually get, plus enough of four other flavors so I could load up. Now the challenge will be to get him to start eating again. I think his system is just exhausted and in pain from emptying everything out repeatedly from both ends this morning — and having a LOT of difficulty at the back end for a while. (Okay, TMI. But other cat owners understand.)

    3. I brought Peep home today, with two pills that’ll be hard for us to get her to take. And now there’s a problem with Robbie’s incision. This year is killing us. Nothing left but prayer.

    4. Hi Phoebe this is Patty. Could Iggy possiby have irritable bowel syndrome. I just found out from watching my favorite vet on YouTube that cats can get it (his cat has it) and must be given a pill daily. Just a thought. Thanks so much for your prayers–you are in ours, too. Pat

    5. Patty, Iggy has a thickening of his intestinal walls that seems to be a side effect of aging — we’ve done X-rays and an MRI to rule out tumor masses. Actually, he’s been a “frequent vomiter” since he was a kitten, almost 18 years ago. I used to take him back and forth to the vet for the first year, but then I realized I just had a bulimic cat and would have to live with cleaning up every couple of weeks. Now that he’s older, though, the vomiting frequency has increased to the point at which I consider it a good day when he throws up only once, and a spectacular day if he doesn’t throw up at all.

      There is some medicine I can give him to suppress the vomiting for a few days, but it’s impossible to get pills into him; he goes berserk when anyone — even the vet — approaches his mouth. So when he’s having a really bad spell that goes on for more than three days, I have to take him to the vet for a shot and fluid replacements. As for the (ahem) back end backups, they don’t seem to be a chronic problem; they seem to happen after he’s thrown up a lot, when he’s not digesting his food further up, so the normal flow through the lower pipes (so to speak) gets interrupted. Or then again, maybe he throws up a lot when his lower pipes are backed up. It’s hard to tell. I just keep taking care of him as we go along, and I’m grateful that he’s still here to clean up after. Fortunately, I do have a good vet, one who kept my previous cat going for almost two years after we discovered his abdominal cancer.

      Ironies: I had to take CoCo to the vet every couple of months to have the fluids drained from his abdomen when he had the cancer, and now I have to take Iggy there every couple of months to have his fluids replaced. But whatever helps….

      I keep praying for you and your own poor little ones. I know how hard it is to see the pets we love suffering.

    6. Fortunately there are two of us humans here, and between us we’re able to get Peep’s pills into her–not that it’s easy. With just one of us, forget about it.

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