“‘Why I Am a Liberal'” (Oh, Boy!)

I was brought up to believe there’s a reason for everything. Even for this.

‘Why I am a Liberal’ (Oh, Boy!)

If I was not actually a liberal, I confess I used to be a Democrat. Why? Several compelling reasons! My friends were Democrats. Democrats in our town gave good picnics. My mother was a Republican and I wanted to be different. Everyone at collidge was at least a Democrat, if not a Marxist. I could express my non-conformity by conforming to them.

Compelling reasons are not always good reasons.

Hopefully the unmitigated disaster of SloJo’s presidency will finally drive the Democrat Party into extinction. Forever.


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  1. I was a red diaper baby — brought up as a Communist fellow-traveler by my mother, who was a communist in ideology if not actually a member in good standing of the Party (although I’m pretty sure at least one of the organizations she belonged to was a Communist front), and whose parents were socialists, although somehow her mother managed to be an Orthodox Jew as well. I remained a left-winger even into my 20s, and still a liberal in my 30s, even after joining the Air Force. I moved away from a lot of the left wing social positions as I became Christian and saw the moral wrongs in them, but it took my Navy cousin to introduce me to Thomas Sowell and other conservative writers before I realized what was wrong with the fiscal and political positions on the left. The trouble was that I’d never even seen any conservative rebuttal to liberal ideas in my youth, just the usual liberal straw-man ridicule of them. In fact, it was only much later that I discovered how many of my high school and college textbooks had been liberal-to-left. And I think there are a lot of liberals out there who also have never even heard conservative ideas, just the kind of ignorant dismissal of them that I’d heard most of my life.

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