Late, Late, Late!

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Bad stormy weather this morning, dark and dreary–so of course I overslept. Now I’m running late and I’ll have to play catch-up all day… and I never win at that game.

But I have to try. My viewer numbers have been way, way down for the past week. Fellow Christian bloggers–has this happened to you, too? I can’t help suspecting Big Tech censorship. At the very least they’ll finagle the search engines to bury our blogs well out of sight.

Huff-puff, huff-puff! And we’ve got all those stores to go to today, too.

Still wearing our winter coats, in May. So much for climbit chains.

Normal service will be restored as soon as possible.

4 comments on “Late, Late, Late!

  1. I sympathize. I’m still trying to catch up from last week. And tomorrow I have to go to a funeral and then go vote. (A couple who lived down the hall from us when I was young used to say that on election day they always went out to “vote the rascals out — and vote other rascals in.”)

  2. I understand. Every way we turn, things are being slowed down, cancelled, time changed, etc. Doesn’t help that my brain is fogging up just like the sky outside. Oh, well. All we can do is deal with it. I do wish this computer would stop finishing my sentences for me. I’d like to do that myself.

    1. Patty says there’s a way you can turn off that function, but she isn’t sure she can explain it to you. Maybe your son could look it up

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