By Request, ‘Just As I Am’

I can never hear this hymn without thinking of my Aunt Millie, whom the pastor of her church used to call “our little ewe lamb.” I do miss her!

Requested by Thewhiterabbit, Just As I Am, sung by the Antrim Mennonite Choir.

Urgent Prayer Request for Phoebe

Phoebe has to try to get the vet to see her cat this morning, he fell sick over the weekend. Patty and I lost our little Peep recently, and we’re a long way from getting over it.

O Lord our God! Please, Lord, be kind and merciful to your servant, Phoebe, and heal her cat. You know how we love our pets, Father; and they love us. You know how it hurts us to lose them. Please, Lord: this time, save Phoebe’s cat, Iggy.

We ask for this blessing in Jesus’ name, Amen.

‘Did Jesus “Hate”?’ (2019)

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He didn’t want the moneychangers in His Father’s temple, and he didn’t want the Nicolaitanes in His churches: Jesus Christ Our Lord did NOT “accept,” “affirm,” or even tolerate everyone and everything.

Did Jesus ‘Hate’?

Time has erased the memory of what, exactly, the Nicolaitanes said or did that earned Christ’s condemnation: but the condemnation is in no uncertain terms, and He does use the word “hate” to describe how He feels about them and their teachings.

Maybe we’re better off not knowing what those were.

By Request, ‘In His Time’

All those butterflies and flowers! God’s hand formed them all… and then pronounced it good.

Requested by Erlene–In His Time, performed by Maranatha! It makes me want to go outside and drink in the beauty of the Lord’s creation.

‘Up From the Grave He Arose’

Nothing much doing here today, no hymn requests as yet, and I’m tired… so let’s try this: Up From the Grave He Arose, by the Voice of Eden. Yes, I know it’s an Easter hymn. Let every day be Easter, in its. Because He lives.

(When things look bleak and hope is on the ropes… sing louder!)

Who Sent Me This Book?

Hell's Cartographers - Kindle edition by Aldiss, Brian, Harrison, Harry,  Bester, Alfred, Knight, Damon, Pohl, Frederik, Silverberg, Robert.  Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

I got a surprise in the mail today–Hell’s Cartographers. It’s a trip “inside the minds of six legendary sci-fi authors”: Alfred Bester, Damon Knight, Frederick Pohl, Robert Silverberg (met him once), Brian W. Aldiss, and Harry Harrison. Classics all.

I have no idea who sent me this. I suspect it was one of you out there: thank you, whoever you are! I’m sure I’ll enjoy this book and will probably review it. I love classic science fiction. This is a 2018 edition of a book originally published in 1975. I’m especially looking forward to the chapter entitled “How We Work.” (How did they manage to leave out Andre Norton? Oh, well…)

Let’s see if I can deduce the identity of the sender. Sherlock Holmes would’ve figured it out already.


By Request: ‘Lord, Take All That I Have’

We have a hymn request from Erlene to start the day–Lord, Take All That I Have, by Carroll Roberson. The computer’s being awkward and rebellious this morning, but I think I’ve finally got the post ready for viewing.

By Request, ‘We Will Serve Him’

Let’s start the day with a hymn requested by SlimJim–We Will Serve Him, sung by Revelation in Chorus.

Okay, the hymn shop’s open. If you have a favorite hymn you’d like to share, just let us know–in a comment anywhere.

By Request, ‘In the Garden’

We have a hymn request from Phoebe–In the Garden, sung by Alan Jackson.

Heavy roadwork just outside is shaking our building up and down, and I’m with you, Phoebe–I need a visit to the Garden… where Our Lord is waiting for us.

‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’

I usually save this hymn for around Christmas-time; but I feel a need for it today. Maybe some of you could use it, too. Anyway, no one has asked for anything else.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo, sung by the Libera boys’ choir…