‘Now a Major Motion Picture’ (Ugh)

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(I have a doctor’s appointment this morning, then the bank and the groceries, and I don’t know how I’m going to get my work done. But I think you’ll find this book review interesting.)

Young Adults fiction–so much of it is flip and clever on the outside, but foul and toxic on the inside. Like this, for instance.

A Book Review: “Now A Major Motion Picture”

Yes, this is another one of those books that doesn’t inspire much confidence in the publishing industry’s idea of “Young Adults fiction.” “Teens are so much cooler and way smarter than their parents!” Good grief, the horror. Imagine if that were true. Was this thing published by the teachers’ union? Step right up for your Critical Race Theory!

I liked the first five or six pages of this book, until I was able to see where the author was coming from, and to guess where she was headed. It wasn’t hard; I didn’t need a crystal ball.

What you need a crystal ball for is to find some current YA fiction that’s actually worth reading.

3 comments on “‘Now a Major Motion Picture’ (Ugh)

  1. The book sounds awful. For one thing, teenagers are bad enough know-it-alls (I know, because I was one myself) without being confirmed in their ignorant hubris.

  2. My parents didn’t restrict me much in what I read, but I think this was because they trusted me, and for the most part, I was a pretty trustworthy youngster. Even when I was in high school, back in the ‘70s, there were things in the school library which were unwholesome, at best. But these days books targeted towards youth tend to be agenda driven. Parents need t9 be much more actively involved these days.

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