Urgent Prayer Request for Phoebe

Phoebe has to try to get the vet to see her cat this morning, he fell sick over the weekend. Patty and I lost our little Peep recently, and we’re a long way from getting over it.

O Lord our God! Please, Lord, be kind and merciful to your servant, Phoebe, and heal her cat. You know how we love our pets, Father; and they love us. You know how it hurts us to lose them. Please, Lord: this time, save Phoebe’s cat, Iggy.

We ask for this blessing in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. Amen. We look to you to do what we cannot do, and what other humans cannot do, but we know that You can do all things. We are trusting you for a miracle.

  2. Thank you, everyone. I managed to get an appointment for Iggy at 2:30 this afternoon. He seems to be improving a little right now, but he seemed to be improving Saturday afternoon and then Sunday was horrible. I didn’t even know whether he’d still be with me in the morning. So I’m still waiting and praying. Again, thank you for your prayers.

  3. Thank you, everyone. My regular vet was on vacation so we had to see her substitute, who didn’t really know Iggy’s history and foibles. However, she did give him some fluids and an anti-nausea shot to help him recover from his latest bout, and now all I can do is wait and pray. He did ask for food when we got home — he hadn’t been able to keep anything down for two days and had finally lost all interest in food at all — and so far he’s kept it down. But he’s lost more weight, and his kidney disease may be worsening. However, I still pray he’ll make it to his 18th birthday on Friday and maybe even hang around for his 19th. He’s such a dear little boy. He’s even forgiven me for taking him on that loooong trip in the hot car (8 miles each way and my A/C is out) and subjecting him to all kinds of poking and prodding and needle-sticking.

    Again, thank you for your prayers. I keep all of you in my own prayers every day.

    1. I think we’ve all suffered the loss of a well-loved pet–or several of them, over the years. These animals are part of our family: and they love us back.

  4. Update: Iggy had a fairly good day yesterday and this morning he ate some breakfast and has kept it down so far. I think we’re going to get a reprieve again, but I have to keep monitoring him because of the kidney problems. Again, thank you all for your prayers.

    1. Old cats, thyroid, kidney… we’ve had it all, I know how hard it is. Plus a 17-year-old iguana with seizures: that was a bit harrowing.
      What can we do but pray for each other?

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