I Am Not a Handyman

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We have just installed a new water cooler in our living room. Patty and I had to do the work together, and it took, I think, two hours in all.

Eeyah! I am not a handyman. I admit it. We got the job done, and actually it looks pretty nice and I won’t have to lug huge jugs of spring water upstairs anymore–but yeesh! I hate it when parts and packaging are strewn all over the floor. Robbie enjoyed the straps that held the box together, but once the work got serious, she ran upstairs to hide. I wished I could.

The tap water in this town is iffy: they’re always messing around with the pipes. Bottled water is safer. A certain person here insists on it.

The things I’m good at are not very practical things, but I like to think there’ll always be a place for a storyteller–had a very good session with my new book today. Two new villains have established themselves as major players in the plot: Prince Ozias and his mother will have to tread carefully.

I still have to get the old water cooler down the stairs… somehow.

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  1. Well, I’d say if you finished the job and the cooler works, you ARE pretty handy. So there. 🙂 Look upon the rubble as the spoils of war from which you emerged victorious. Or something.

    Now rest for a while.

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