What’ll We Do This Afternoon?

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Louis Jourdan as Dracula

Man, I don’t want to write up any more nooze today; and I don’t think I want to read any more, either.

We’ve decided to watch Louis Jourdan in Count Dracula this afternoon. This film came out in 1977 on a Tuesday night: Patty home alone (except for lizards), and me on a 20-hour shift in The Bayshore Independent’s production room. So she watched the first installment of this movie and scared herself silly.

The thing about Dracula is that, as terrible and deadly as he is, the good guys still ultimately manage to do away with him. That’s how we know it’s a movie. The World Economic Forum is a much worse threat than Dracula could ever be, and who knows how to get rid of them? How many Dr. Van Helsings would we need to get the WEF off our backs? To say nothing of assorted Democrats.

When all is said and done, the story of Dracula is escape fiction. And that’s why we enjoy it.


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  1. But in the end, the bad guys WILL lose, when Our Lord separates the sheep from the goats. (Although comparing the WEF and their ilk to goats is an insult to goats.) See, for example, Psalm 37.

    I always remind myself that God’s story has a happy ending but unfortunately we’re still living in chapter 2.

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