A Tremendously Improbable Experience

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Today I’ve had the most unlikely experience of my whole life.

This morning at the supermarket, I found someone’s lost credit card at the bottom of my shopping cart. I turned it in to the desk.

Just now, when I went downtown to pick up our Chinese food… I found another lost credit card lying on the sidewalk. Is that weird or what? Two lost cards in two different locations, miles apart–found by the same person? On the same day? No one in any of the nearby stores recognized the name on the card, so I thought I’d better take it home.

I once found a full-to-bulging money clip, but it proved pretty easy to find the owner and return it to him.

But two lost cards in one day? Really? Wish I knew what it meant!

Should I go back out and try for three?

7 comments on “A Tremendously Improbable Experience

  1. Good works prepared in advance that you should walk in them. Praise the Father, and He even lets us help!

    1. I have seen that many times, mostly in small ways. God often leaves opportunities in our way – to grow by helping others, who also may see God’s hand in their lives.

  2. Years ago, I was walking out of my bank, and there on the lobby floor was a black bag. When I looked inside, it was full of cash, and what looked like receipts. I knew it must have been dropped by a business owner making his weekly deposit. I gave it to the nearest teller, and without finding out who it belonged to, or waiting for a possible thank you I just left.

    A few months later we received a check at our home, hand delivered by a delivery service, in an unmarked envelope, with no name or other information, for a thousand dollars. The only other thing in that envelope was a small unsigned gift card, stating: “When you don’t know what to do, trust you know who.” We were eating when it came, we examined the check, and thought, no way is this a real check. We didn’t even finish our meal, just raced over to the bank, presented it to the teller, and told her the story. We asked her, “Is it a real check?” “Yes” she said. It came at the right time, for we were struggling with money problems. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

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