Are People Getting Stupider?

Man dies following crash in which an Uber also set off fiery explosion at  Seattle gas station – GeekWire

Here’s the scenario. Sheriff’s deputies in central Florida chase after a biker who supposedly used a gun to threaten other motorists. Biker runs out of gas and pulls into a service station. Deputies catch up to him while he’s pumping gas, and try to tackle him. I am not persuaded that that was a good idea.

Another deputy tries to tase the guy. While he’s got the gas nozzle in his hand. Guess what happens when he does that (

You guessed it. Kaboom! Biker and two deputies “engulfed” by resulting fireball. By some miracle they weren’t killed; but the biker’s still in the hospital three months later.

Are people getting stupider, or what? I mean, you fire a taser at someone who’s pumping gas, waddaya think is gonna happen? Lucky the whole station didn’t go up in flames.

Where do you go to hide from stupidity?

‘The Werewolf of… Hull?’ (2016)

Henry Hull in “The Werewolf of London”… Could we have Julie London in “The Werewolf of Hull”?

You don’t expect werewolves in Yorkshire. But for some thousand years, people in the cities of Hull and Kingston have reported them. A few years ago, “Old Stinker” (as they call him) was back, entering the city via storm drains.

The Werewolf of… Hull?

A sudden rise in tourism was eagerly anticipated, but it doesn’t seem to have worked out that way. No one got a photo or a video of Old Stinker. By and by the fuss died down.

… Until the next time.

Incredible! But Real

Just in case you missed it the first time I posted it, here’s one of the most incredible feats of quick thinking that I’ve ever seen.

This ballplayer’s split-second reaction probably saved the reporter’s life. That line drive was headed straight for her cranium–but thanks to him, it never got there.

Gives me the willies!

Lizards or Leprechauns?

One of the more popular pastimes during the Ice Age was to paint on the walls of caves. Cave paintings of assorted animals are justly famous for their high artistic quality.

Folks back then also liked to make stencils of their hands. Thousands of ’em. Maybe it was a kind of signature.

A Prehistoric Mystery

Which brings us to the little tiny hands, smaller than a baby’s, stenciled on the walls of several caves in the Sahara Desert–which wasn’t a desert then, and the Ice Age didn’t reach that far south.

Scientists are puzzled. Whose hands could those be? Why take any trouble to stencil lizard-hands?

Gnomes, leprechauns, brownies–take your choice. You might be right.

Our CIA Did **What?

Rex Harrison Dr. Dolittle Bust

Mask of Rex Harrison as Dr. Doolittle

Sometimes you’ve really got to wonder about our CIA. Are they gathering intelligence that we’ll need for national security–or are they just fatzing around?

Early in actor Rex Harrison’s career, someone, for reasons not given, made a big bunch of Rex Harrison masks. Somehow the CIA acquired them. They then issued the masks to spies on covert operations (

“Comrade! I could have sworn I just saw Rex Harrison putting a tap on our phone!”

“Impossible, comrade! He’s out in Hollywood, shooting a movie…”

Confuse-a-Commie Inc. Well, maybe it was a cunning plan. Who’s gonna believe Rex Harrison is sneaking around the Kremlin?

I wonder if the CIA has any of those masks left and is still using them. Your tax dollars at work.

What The…? CMI Commercial Bone Saw Butcher Bandsaw,Frozen Meat  Cutter,1500W Electric Meat Band Saw Bone Cutting Machine 2 hp, 120V : Home  & Kitchen

A meat grade band saw. How did he do it? Or would we rather not know?

There’s weird stuff going on out there, and it’s not wholesome.

In Lewiston, Maine, last month, a man went into an AK Market, went to the back of the store where they processed meat, and–according to police–used “a meat grade band saw” to cut off his arm at the shoulder ( We are not told whether it was the right or left arm.

He then went “stumbling down Park Street” carrying his severed arm until he received emergency medical attention and a trip to the hospital. He survived.

Now why would anybody do a thing like that? My imagination is not up to this challenge.

Our culture needs repairs, big-time. It needs to get back to God in a hurry.

Last Night’s Nightmare

Norma Bates (Psycho) - Wikiwand

She’s worse when she comes off her rocker.

This was a corker.

I was in a house, no house in particular, and I had just finished a big job of tidying up a room that had looked like a cyclone hit it. I closed the door behind me, and had only taken a few steps down the hall when there was a horrific crash and clatter from the room I’d just cleaned up.

Oh, fie! Had the shelves fallen over? What happened?

I went back to see. I stepped into the room. Everything was a mess again, strewn all over the floor, furniture knocked over, all my work undone.

Then I hear a subtle creak, creak, creak… It’s a rocking chair: hadn’t noticed it before. And it’s occupied by Mother Bates from Psycho, and she has just stirred to get up from the chair–

Of course I woke up then! And mighty glad to do it, too.

P.S.–Y’know what? I think it’s reading the nooze every day that’s giving me bad dreams and a lingering sense of dread.

‘Fooling the Experts: A Great Shakespeare Hoax’ (2017)

Image result for images of silly shakespeare

Boy howdy, when The Experts swallow a hoax, they really swallow it–hook, line, and sinker.

In 1796 all England was agog: a lost Shakespeare play had been found, and would be performed at Drury Lane. The Experts were all swooning over it.

Fooling the Experts: A Great Shakespeare Hoax

The actors saw through the hoax while they were acting the play. The hoaxer himself admitted what he’d done.

And yet somehow, after all this embarrassment, The Experts were still… The Experts! Yup, still there, still pontificating, still being listened to. Once an expert, always an expert, I guess.

‘Where “the Jersey Devil Lurks”‘ (2018)

See the source image

We miss Patty’s brother, Ray. Among other things, he was an expert on the lore of the Jersey Devil (check out “The Jersey Devil” by Ray Miller and Jim McCloy–it’s a wonderful read), and, oh, could he tell stories!

Where ‘The Jersey Devil Lurks’

The Jersey Devil still generates stories, three centuries after it started. It’s easy to laugh at those stories. But when you’re all alone, driving in the Pine Barrens, the laughs get bashful.

Ongs Hat, Double Trouble, Speedwell–I’m glad I’ve been to those places.

‘What In the World Is This?’ (2019)

See the source image

I never did find out what this was really all about–a sign outside a church, advertising a night of… “revelry.” A “revelry service.”

What in the World Is This?

This was on the big sign at the entrance to the church’s driveway: you couldn’t not see it. I wonder how long it was up there.

We believe in having fun, all right; but revelry in the church seems to be pushing the envelope a bit too far.

*Sigh* Another weird sign of the times. Like the one that read “Fried Carpet.”