“‘Thunderbird Attack” Revisited’ (2019)

Ruth and her son, Marlon–who was almost carried away by giant birds.

In 1977, in Lawndale, Illinois, children were attacked by a pair of what witnesses called “giant birds.” One of the boys, weighing some 60 pounds, was nearly carried off.

‘Thunderbird Attack’ Revisited

Seven or eight eyewitness accounts tallied closely; but no one had had a chance to take a picture. On rare occasions, an eagle might attack a small child; but no one thought these birds looked like eagles.

The most perplexing aspect of the whole case was the mockery, spite, and anger directed at the target of the birds’ attack. The little boy and his mother practically became outcasts.

Why do you suppose that happened?

Idiot vs. Snowman (Guess Who Wins)

[We’ve got our video function back, but I’m too worn out to use it to post any nooze.]

So this nice couple in Kentucky took advantage of a big snowstorm to build a great big snowman. They built it around a massive, sturdy tree-trunk for a base.

And some ninny, for reasons not mentioned in the nooze report, decided to use his motor vehicle to demolish the snowman. Why in the world did he decide to do this?

Bad move. The tree-trunk wasn’t going anywhere, and the motor vehicle came off second-best in the collision.

Why did he want to knock down the snowman? That’s one for the Durants.

Culture rot in action…

‘Culture Rot on Steroids: Body-Builder “Marries” Sex Doll (2020)

157 Bluebird Fledgling Stock Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

God’s stuff is sane. Ours, not so much.

This happened in Kazakhstan, but just as easily could have happened here.

Some jidrool of a body-builder “married” a sex doll.

Culture Rot on Steroids: Body-Builder ‘Marries’ Sex Doll

Think it could start a trend? “Marry” your toaster-oven… your lawn mower… the bird-bath in your back yard…

Honk if you don’t think the human race is in desperate need of rescue.

Elephant Artist–Is This for Real?

This is one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever seen–a young elephant creating honest-to-Pete representational art. Not just splashing colors around: no–real, recognizable pictures. No hands, of course.

How can this be? I’ve watched this several times and it baffles me, but good. Feel free to offer an explanation!

Weird! Colombia Has a… Hippo Problem

Here are some hippo/human interactions from Africa. Don’t run slowly!

Usually “invasive species” are insect pests, reptiles, or fish. But Colombia has a problem with invasive… hippos (https://www.newsweek.com/colombia-goes-war-pablo-escobar-hippos-1840818)!

A wealthy drug lord–who was shot to death by police in 1993–brought in four hippos from Africa to grace his estate. The hippos escaped and wound up in the wild; and today there are 160 of them.

The government would sterilize them, but that costs $10,000 a pop and the hippos don’t like it. Dealing with an angry hippo can be more than slightly dangerous.

Or they’ll ship ’em out to other countries–provided any other countries want them.

Meanwhile, the hippos are happily having babies and expanding their range. So far there haven’t been any perilous brushes with human beings. But that could change. In Africa, hippos kill more people a year than lions or crocodiles do.

We’re going to wind up with some very strange ecosystems if we don’t watch out.

Oh, For Crying Out Loud!

A Handful Of Baby Iguanas Stock Photo - Download Image Now - Iguana, Hand,  Belize

I haven’t the heart to illustrate this. Here are some nice baby iguanas instead.

You don’t need me to cover war news, do you? There’s already plenty of it out there. No–I’m more focused on the ongoing self-destruction of our civilization, much of it the work of idiots.

So here’s a new word for us to learn.

“Fictosexual.” As in “We’re All Fictosexuals Now” (https://unherd.com/2023/10/we-are-all-fictosexuals-now/#:~:text=Often%20understood%20as%20a%20niche,only%20attracted%20to%20fictional%20characters). Don’t blame me if the link doesn’t work; the article has also been published by Gateway Pundit and is accessible there.

“Fictosexuals” love only fictional characters. The UnHerd article tells us of some kook in Japan who “married” a hologram. They aren’t into real people. This has been a growing phenomenon in Japan–a country already saddled with a birth rate low enough to cause concern in many quarters.

Culture rot marches on. What’s big in Japan can easily spread to other countries. Sort of like COVID.

We’ve already developed quite a lexicon of newfangled sexual perversions; and if everybody does them, our species goes extinct. Like, why bother with a real flesh-and-blood person when you can become obsessed with some character in a video game or a movie?

Turning away from God exacts a fearful price. Male and female created He them–period. What we create is… nothing.

How Not to Behave in Church

Bar Brawl - TV Tropes

You’d never guess it was a church service, would you?

Something’s wrong with people, these days.

A few days ago police in Fernandina Beach, Florida, came a-runnin’ to break up a fight… between two women… in church (https://news.yahoo.com/nassau-woman-arrested-attacking-woman-165426730.html). St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, to be specific.

I have a hard time imagining this. Police had to sort out which of the women had started the fight–well, at least they had a lot of witnesses. Despite the women’s efforts to choke, punch, and trip each other, not to mention harsh language and a cup of hot coffee, neither of the women was injured.

Is this how anyone behaves in church? It reminds me of the saloon brawl scenes in old Westerns. The guy at the piano keeps playing while the cowboys break furniture on each other’s heads. I’d like to know how the church organist at St. Peter’s reacted to this event.

One can hardly find words.

Oh, Boy–Fossilized Space Brothers

One of the fossilised corpses in its glass case on display in the Mexican Congress.

Here it is! Where are the X-Files when we need ’em?

As Our Beloved World Leaders seek distraction after distraction for us plebs, they might be hard-pressed to top this.


[The euronews article includes a video link.]

Yowsah, yowsah–“fossilized alien corpses,” supposedly 1,000 years old, a few days ago were put on display for the Mexican Congress. And you think our Congress wastes time.  My wife says, “Stevie Wonder wouldn’t be fooled by these, even if he had Ray Charles to tell him what they look like.”

Thing is, there are people out there who very much want to believe in UFOs, etc. Never mind that every UFO story leads you down a rabbit-hole and then disappears. Like, somewhere Out There, there’s just gotta be a super-advanced race who can straighten out our world. It’s sort of a religion.

Sheesh! You don’t believe in God the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit–but you believe in this? Say it ain’t so, Joe.

Meanwhile, we have the Far Left Crazy here saying they’ll weed out all the “misinformation,” “disinformation,” and “malinformation” out of the Internet, leaving nothing but unvarnished truth. Uh-huh. Sure they will. If you think fossilized space aliens are hard to believe in, try that whopper on for size.

(Editor’s Note: No, this is not a satire.)

Your Own Private Air Force

A business owner from Absecon, New Jersey is facing criminal mischief charges after allegedly using a drone to drop green dye into neighborhood pools.

Doesn’t exactly invite one to dive in, does it?

A New Jersey man has been charged with criminal mischief for using a drone to dye the water in a motel’s swimming pool (https://abc7chicago.com/swimming-pool-pools-drone-faa/13743574/). The dye turned the water a bright neon green. This happened about a dozen times and cost the motel thousands of dollars to drain and re-fill the pool.

Police say he also did it to a neighbor in a private home.

WHY did he do it? Well, police aren’t sayin’ and neither is his lawyer. The FAA got involved, but they’re not sayin’, either.

People are definitely getting weirder. I mean, this was one hellacious prank for an adult human being to pull, over and over again. Maybe a couple of badly-behaved seventh-graders might think it was a cool thing to do. But we are supposed to grow out of that.

There seem to be a lot of stories in the news like this one. What’s going on? Have we debased our popular culture to the point where now it’s debasing us back?

Just When You Thought Idaho Was Safe from Sharks

White-water rafting does have its hazards, but I’ve never heard it carries any risk of being exposed to shark attack. Advance token to Salmon River, Idaho, hundreds of miles from the ocean… and dig this…

Shark Discovered In Landlocked Idaho, Raising Questions

Don’t fall out of the raft!

I know, I know–they’re sayin’ it’s a hoax, somebody planted the shark there, it’s a salmon shark (genus Lamna), related to the great white shark. Lamna sharks do not enter fresh water. So what’s it doing in Idaho?

The Roman historian Livy would have had a field day with this. Big on omens, portents, and signs, old Livy was–calf born with three eyes, farmer’s plow turns up stone head, baby quotes Homer in Greek: he loved writing up the portents of the year. Because he thought they were a means God uses to get our attention.

Hey–shark turns up in Joe’s Marina on Barnegat Bay, New Jersey… so what? Happens every day. But when a shark turns up in the middle of Idaho–mama mia, that’s a portent!

Or a highly labor-intensive prank. Take your pick. (I’m with Livy.)