When ‘Hide & Seek’ Goes Way Too Far

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Who’s inside this one–and where will he end up?

Some teenagers in Bangla Desh were playing hide and seek; and a 15-year-old boy named Fahim probably won. He should’ve won: he was hiding in another country (https://nypost.com/2023/01/28/boy-playing-hide-and-seek-found-in-another-country-six-days-later/). In Malaysia, to be exact. Some 2,300 miles from home.

Okay, it was an accident. He hid in a shipping container and accidentally locked it. He also fell asleep. He was in the box six days before they found him.

This proves it’s time for rule change in the game of hide and seek! From now on, you should not be allowed to hide in another country! It’s bad sportsmanship! I mean, how would my friends have liked it if I went hiding in Denmark or Australia while they were looking for me in the back yard? Not fair!

Where do they keep the rules for this game?

P.S.–Fahim was a bit dehydrated and not quite the ticket when they found him, but he’s going to be all right.

‘Nope, Nothing Wrong With Our Culture’ (2019)

See the source image

Stories of bizarre behavior are getting so common anymore, we’ve almost come to expect them. But this one still raised some eyebrows in 2019.

Nope, Nothing Wrong with Our Culture

Why was the man strolling around naked on a cold winter’s day? Why did he bite a dog? (Surefire way to get your name in the nooze?) Why did he attack people.

The only thing that’s change is, now some Democrat prosecutor would release him without bail–and a handful of mail-in ballots for the next election.

‘Nope, Nothing Wrong With Our Culture’ (2019)

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Used to be only snow men were out there with no pants on…

This was before the 2020 “election” flooded the government with freaks.

So here’s a pot-head running around naked on a chilly winter’s day… and biting people. He also bit a dog. None of the pot-heads I knew did anything as energetic as this; mostly they sat around being dull and boring.

Nope, Nothing Wrong with Our Culture

Since this incident was reported, our culture has had four years to get worse.

And it has. It has.

The Goatman Cometh

A Mumsnet user reported seeing an unusual creature (file photo)

Motorists in Northamptonshire, England, have reported sightings of a very large creature that seems to be part-man, part-goat (https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/locals-spot-mystery-six-foot-26305602).

Everybody knows the infamous Goatman is a product of Climbit Change and transphobia. Or maybe it’s Tony Blair (remember him?) going trick-or-treating. Or is it Britain’s answer to Bigfoot?

We can expect to see more and more of these crypto-critters unless we give the United Nations all our money and allow them to set up a global government run by jidrools.


‘Nothing Suspicious’ About Biden Family’s Cars Exploding (?)

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The alleged president and his family rent five cars for their posh Thanksgiving vacation on Nantucket. Parked at the airport, the five cars–all different models–suddenly burst into smoke and flame. The Fire Dept. arrives and extinguishes the blaze.

And there’s nothing, er, suspicious about the incident, according to Nantucket Fire Chief Michael Cranson (https://www.themainewire.com/2022/11/biden-nantucket-vehicle-explosion-fire/).

The cars were parked together, not far from jet fuel storage (yikes!). “Nothing suspicious.” Okay: does that mean that if one car goes up in flames, so will the others? What would cause that to happen?

Actually, I’m not proposing any conspiracy theory. Who blows up five cars with no one in them? Unless it’s someone’s cute way of suggesting policy modifications. I’m more inclined to suspect that these were all electric cars with dangerous lithium batteries, parked close enough together that if one goes kaboom, the others do, too.

But that’s only my opinion, and so far no one in the White House has had anything to say about this incident. That naturally makes you wonder–doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, if you were wondering whether electric cars are all that safe…

Weird! Biden’s Rented Cars… Explode

A tow truck pulls away one of the vehicles rented by the Secret Service to protect President Biden in Nantucket.

Your tax dollars at work

How weird is this?

The Biden family rents five cars–all from Hertz, but all different models–for its posh Thanksgiving vacation on Nantucket, parks ’em in the airport parking lot… and ka-boom! They all go up in smoke and flame. All at the same time (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/bidens-secret-service-rental-vehicles-burst-flames-left-nantucket-vacation).

The White House says the cause of the explosions is unknown.

I’m assuming–sources don’t say, so I have no evidence for this–that all five were electric cars. Hmmm… Haven’t we heard that the batteries in electric cars, in addition to being insanely expensive, can also be, well, dangerous? Prone to explode suddenly, for instance.

Did someone arrange for those cars to blow up? Just askin’.

Meanwhile, electric scooters have been exploding and bursting into flames all over the world (https://cities-today.com/e-scooter-fire-safety-becoming-a-growing-concern/). The cause of those explosions is believed to involve lithium-ion batteries made in China.

Maybe it was a bolt from Above.

Editor’s Note: See? We’ve been here before, with the exploding hoverboards (https://leeduigon.com/2015/12/31/and-ka-boom-goes-the-hoverboard/). Lithium batteries turned out to be the culprit. Just like the batteries in electric cars. P.S.–And don’t forget those mysteriously exploding U.S. Mail trucks from a few years ago.

What the H*** Was That?!?

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I was awakened in the middle of the night last night by what sounded like someone driving a great big truck up our sidewalk, stopping under the bedroom window, and revving the engine. Or it could have been a Tyrannosaurus looking for a way in.

It was loud. Lasted for maybe a minute, then just stopped. Goosebumps all over. And of course no sign, this morning, that this had ever happened.

I know, I know, you’re gonna tell me it was just a dream. I have no evidence to put against it. It didn’t feel like a dream, that’s all I can say.

Well, if you don’t get nightmares in this day and age we’re living in… you’re just not trying.

‘Britain’s Menstruating Males’ (2018)

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In 2015 they took a survey and found 25 % (!) of British males claimed that they… er, menstruated. What does that say about our civilization?

Britain’s Menstruating Males

Maybe they don’t know what the word means. Let’s hear it for public education. Decks awash with “comprehensive sex education,” and this is what they have to show for it? Can we please have our tax dollars back?

I mean, if stuff like this is going to be what comes out of public education, we’d do just as well with no education at all.


Whoa! I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

May be an image of tree and nature

Mark Rushdoony found this picture and put it on our Facebook page.

This “tree”–is it a tree?–took a wrong turn somewhere and is now trying to find its way back to Narnia. Or maybe it’s a Huorn strayed from Middle-Earth. Don’t get too close!

Y’know, I think if I’d have seen this picture when I was five years old or so, it would’ve given me fits for several nights in a row…

‘Out-of-Place Artifacts’ (Cool!)

Mysterious iron pipes: go figure.

I’m tired, and there’s so much politics out there today, it’s making me dizzy. Maybe it’s getting to you, too. So here’s a break.

‘Out-of-Place Artifacts, “Ooparts” for short, have been puzzling scholars and scientists for years. Are they just quirks produced by nature–or do they push back human history by thousands or even millions of years? Were there advanced civilizations on the earth that have left only these little scraps behind?


Some of these have been kicking around for years: light bulbs (so it seems) in ancient Egypt, batteries (so it seems) from ancient Babylonia, medieval maps showing Antarctica as ice-free–these have yet to be explained.

Others I’d never heard of till now: the “Great Wall of Texas,” what appears to be a rock structure, some 400,000 years old; broken pipes from China (where’s a plumber when you need one?), said to be 150,000 years old; an ancient nuclear reactor; and more, quite a bit more.

Are we sure we know what we think we know?

The Bible tells us there was civilization before the Flood. Maybe this stuff is all that’s left of it. I think we can view the supposed ages of these Ooparts as just guesswork. Maybe they aren’t man-made artifacts at all. Nobody seems to know quite what they are.

We are told it took mankind tens of thousands of years to begin civilization. We are not told why it took so long, or how it ever got started at all.

We do have a lot to learn.