A Show of Mindless Compliance (Per ‘Candid Camera’)

Would you obey if a store with a linoleum floor posted a sign, “Please walk on black squares only”? Betcha everybody you ask says “No!”

But as Candid Camera proved, way back in the 1960s, we are nowhere near as independent-minded as we say we are.

‘Are People Getting Weirder?’ (2019)

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[Sorry I’m late! But it probably doesn’t matter. This blog is becalmed, I can’t catch any wind in my sails. Just keep tryin’, I guess…]

If a testing laboratory mistakenly sends you a request for a stool sample, meant for someone else… do you just, well, send them your stool sample?

Someone actually did this.

Are People Getting Weirder?

I don’t know about you, but this incident still strikes me as one of weirdest I’ve ever encountered in real life. Scary thought: What if there are thousands of people like this, out there?

It Adds Up to ‘Tyrant’

I don’t want to spend a lot of time on this today, but I do think I need to spend some. A bit more evidence has trickled in since Thursday, despite a near-total nooze media blackout. They can always count on the noozies to carry their water.

All I want to do today is add up four events, in sequence.

March: German police raid anyone who expresses “hate”… for politicians! (In our country it would be “hate” directed at Democrats. Only.) [See March 24 post, “German Cops Will Smash Anyone Who ‘Hates’ Politicians”.]

August: FBI raids President Donald Trump’s home. What were the guns for? Nobody home but Secret Service guards. Was the FBI expecting a shootout?

September: Phony “President” Biden gives an eerie speech denouncing Trump voters and supporters as “semi-fascists” and “a threat to our democracy.” It sounds like a declaration of war. It’s beginning to look like he meant it literally.

This Past Week: At least 35, and maybe as many as 50, prominent Trump supporters and associates had their homes raided by the Gestapo, aka the FBI.

Hello? Where are the victims’ lawyers, and why aren’t they holding the mother of all press conferences? Where are the government spin doctors? Nobody sayin’ nothin’! Don’t you find that rather sinister? I do!

Well, we’ll see what else comes in today and tomorrow. This is something that has never before happened in America. We really were the Land of the Free.

For now, string those four events together–and maybe throw in the FBI spying on parents who object to Far Left Crazy school board policies–and you have a very nicely fitted picture of a growing tyranny.


The Human Squeaky Toy

I’ve been saving this for you, a final flurry of squeaky toy zaniness. In this case, a couple of kids who swallowed the little whistle inside a squeaky toy to become, as it were, squeaky toys themselves.

Don’t laugh too hard. The boys aren’t in any distress just now, but you don’t really want to have bits of plastic rattling around in your lungs. The video does not tell us how the squeaky part will be removed… or if it even can be safely removed. I mean, this could get kind of tiresome after forty years or so.

Meanwhile–well, yeah, it is kind of funny. I remember when my sister swallowed a bunch of balloons…

Who Steals a Beat-Up Garbage Can?

15 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Garbage Bin – Waste Free Edmonton

We put our garbage cans out on the curb on Sunday evening and they pick it up on Monday morning. By “pick it up” I mean they pick up the garbage and leave the can.

Only not this time.

I just went out to fetch our garbage cans, and one of them is missing. I looked up and down the street; it’s not there. So I had to call Public Works, and we’ll just see if they ever get back to me.

Where the dickens did it go? No one in his right mind would steal it. Did they just chuck it into the garbage truck and drive away? Really, I don’t need extra chores to do. I’d rather not lose another hour going out to buy another garbage can.

Is this the legacy of our stupid lockdowns? Did that go on long enough for people to forget how to do their jobs?

Oh… fap!

Idiot ‘Journalist’ Goes Overboard for Biden

Visiting the Pantheon in Rome: Highlights, Tips & Tours ...

Can you really sleaze and lie and cheat your way into the Pantheon?

CNN is under new management, but CNN’s noozies are still serving up the same old crapola.

To celebrate the Democrats’ latest plan for America to spend her way out of inflation and debt (getting out of debt by incurring more debt), one of the brain trust at CNN placed SloJo Biden–who shakes hands with people who aren’t there–“in the pantheon of great presidents” (https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/mark-finkelstein/2022/08/10/cnns-lizza-puts-enormously-consequential-biden-pantheon-great).

Boy howdy! The pantheon?

The name means “all the gods.” The Pantheon was a temple in ancient Rome built to all the gods. It’s still in use, as a church, some 2,000 years after its construction.

So, this Ryan Lizza character (never heard of him) thinks Biden belongs in a pantheon. Him and them other gods. “Attention! Your president… has become a god! But don’t worry. He remains the same likeable old grifter that he’s always been, with not a single honest bone in his body.”

And then the noozies wonder in astonishment why people think they’re a lot of lying gasbags with no more sense than God gave an ashtray.

A Tremendously Improbable Experience

1,033 Lost Credit Card Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Today I’ve had the most unlikely experience of my whole life.

This morning at the supermarket, I found someone’s lost credit card at the bottom of my shopping cart. I turned it in to the desk.

Just now, when I went downtown to pick up our Chinese food… I found another lost credit card lying on the sidewalk. Is that weird or what? Two lost cards in two different locations, miles apart–found by the same person? On the same day? No one in any of the nearby stores recognized the name on the card, so I thought I’d better take it home.

I once found a full-to-bulging money clip, but it proved pretty easy to find the owner and return it to him.

But two lost cards in one day? Really? Wish I knew what it meant!

Should I go back out and try for three?

‘Another Mystery of God’s Creation’ (2015)

Some of us have heard “lake guns” and some of us haven’t. You might not know you’ve heard them: they might easily be mistaken for thunder or something else.

Another Mystery of God’s Creation

You don’t hear them at every body of water and you don’t hear them all the time. We simply don’t know what makes these sounds. Patty and I used to hear them occasionally on Barnegat Bay–always on extremely calm days.

They do sound like cannon-fire, sometimes.

Fists Fly at Disney World!

fight disney world

All is not well within the Magic Kingdom.

A brawl broke out yesterday between “two families” behind Cinderella’s Castle (I can’t believe I’m writing this), sheriffs’ deputies and paramedics had to be called in, and no one seems to know, yet, why it happened (https://wdwnt.com/2022/07/brawl-breaks-out-near-peter-pans-flight-at-the-magic-kingdom/).

Such a distraction! Here they are, grooming kids for sex, and a melee breaks out–and what for? No one knows. Who ever heard of a brawl at Disney World? Catty-corner from Peter Pan’s Flight, no less. Where’s Goofy when you need him?

What was Disney World security doing when the fight started? Maybe we don’t really want an answer to that question. It might distress us.

Well, if you’re looking for a theme park where you can get a good punch in the nose, Disney’s the place for you.

‘The Killer Cats of Britain’ (2017)

Image result for images of monster cat

(Not actually a giant cat that can eat you)

Zero comments, zero likes, zero hymn requests–an ideal time to contemplate the overgrown killer cats that have terrorized Britain since the early Middle Ages.

The Killer Cats of Britain

Professor Kefoozelum says the killer cats were actually armadillos. Dr. Krimp just sits there and cries: someone please remove him.

Why are there so many ancient (and not so ancient) stories of big cats haunting Britain? There are native wildcats, but they’re only little things–hardly likely to bump off 180 armored knights.

Too bad the cryptozoologists are so busy, these days…