Man Falls From 9th-Story Window–and Lives

According to witnesses, the man plunged through the rood of the BMW and then quickly got back up.

Miracles do happen, even in Jersey City. They had one this week–a man fell from a 9th story window, 100 feet high… and lived to tell the tale (

A parked BMW broke his fall. He broke the BMW.

Actually, he was a bit too rattled to be telling any tales. He did ask, “What happened?” You’d think he, of all people, would know. Police believe he was trying to commit suicide. He did wind up with some painful injuries, but will probably recover.

I can’t see this as anything but a miracle. Can you?

Is This Guy a Superhero, Or What?

Holy moly! I can’t believe my eyes!

Watch the car barreling down the street, headed for a crash. What to do?

A pedestrian dives head-first through the open driver’s side window and somehow stops the car before it crashes. Man, Jackie Chan would be hard put to do that! How many takes would it take to film this stunt–and would the stunt man survive it?

But this was not a stunt. Words fail me!

P.S.–My allergy attack has begun to ease off and suddenly I feel much better. Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.

He Joined a Search Party to Find Himself

Search For Missing Person In Forest - Stock Video | Motion Array

“Gee, the guy they’re searchin’ for has got the same name as me!”

Muslims aren’t supposed to drink alcoholic beverages, but apparently in rural Turkey, getting sloshed is no big deal.

As reported in the India Times, a 50-year-old man went out boozing with his friends and, once he was fully potted, reeled and stumbled into the nearby woods. Eventually his family noticed he was missing, and a search party was formed (

For a while there, they could find no trace of him. So they started calling out his name, in hopes that he would hear.

He did.

“Who are we looking for?” one of the searchers asked. “That guy they’re calling–it’s me! I’m here.”

Yup. He’d joined the search party that was looking for him. Public-spirited sort of fellow! Here in America, you go to college to find yourself. But Whatsisname’s way is a lot cheaper and much more fun.

Sanity Break: How Did He Do This???

I guarantee you won’t see this too often! I’ve never seen it done before, and I doubt I’ll ever see it done again.

Youth baseball game, runner on third base breaks to steal home, pitcher gets the ball to the catcher in plenty of time to tag the runner–and without breaking stride, the runner jumps clean over the catcher and lands on home plate: safe!

Somebody check for flubber in his socks.

‘Explain This… If You Can’ (2018)

See the source image

They’re not so easy to find anymore, but David Seibold and Charles Adams III, years ‘n’ years ago, write a series of books of what we might call local ghost stories of southern New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Patty and I always bought one or more of them while we were on vacation.

One of the stories they collected–well, maybe it’s not actually a ghost story, strictly speaking; but it’s certainly a weird story!

Explain This… If You Can

How do you see a whole town that isn’t really there? Or maybe it does exist–but it’s thousands of miles away. If you’re not sick, goofy, or intoxicated, how do you see a thing like this? And how many others have seen the same, but never, ever mentioned it because they were afraid of what people would think of them?

Not an easy story to forget.


Laugh Break: Watery Mayhem

I suppose I shouldn’t laugh at these boating and fishing mishaps; but really, they’re all so easily avoidable!

To operate a car on public roads, you have to demonstrate that you can, in fact, drive the blinkin’ car and you understand the rules of the road. But to operate a high-powered boat, well–all you need is the boat.

Watch what happens when “What, me worry?”, “Look, ma, no hands!” drives her boat into the cauldron of doom. And later on you’ll meet a guy whom you definitely never want to go fishing with…

‘As the “Science” Gets Sillier and Sillier’ (2018)

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Study our civilization! If you can find it.

Is there a secret government agency whose only job is to invent ever-more frivolous ways to waste our money?

I’d like to know how much this caper cost–“studying” the effects of Climbit Change on an alien civilization on another planet.

As the ‘Science’ Gets Sillier and Sillier

Just askin’–what do they mean by a “civilization”? Our own planet has had many civilizations. It has quite a few different ones today. But then most of science-fiction has always taken eventual Global Government as a given.

Heaven forbid.

I suppose, meanwhile, it would do no good to ask for our money back…

Wanna Buy an Invisible Sculpture?

Nothing HD Stock Images | Shutterstock

Speaking of satire, this isn’t one. I know it sounds like a satire, but it isn’t. It also sounds like it could be one of those tongue-in-cheek bite-sized science fiction stories Isaac Asimov used to write, but it isn’t one of those, either.

It’s real.

Let this quote suffice: “Salvatore Garau has sold his latest invisible sculpture” ( For $18,000. Not make-believe money. The buyer gets a certificate.

Of what? Idiocy?

Paying $18,000 literally for nothing. Once upon a time, this would have been called a sin: incontinence. Having more money than is good for you and not knowing what to do with it–so you waste it. Squander it.

I think it’s probably still a sin; and probably carries its own punishment, too.

One-Man Sperm Banks

Killer (TV Mini Series 1983) - IMDb

A few nights ago we watched an episode of the Scottish cop show, Taggart, in which a fertility doctor used his own sperm–instead of that provided by anonymous sperm donors–to father dozens of babies in Glasgow. When the truth came out, enraged husbands would have killed him if the police hadn’t shown up in the nick of time.

This morning, serendipitously, my wife found a multitude of news stories about virtually identical cases thronging the internet, from all over the world. Like, for instance, this one–of a doctor in Michigan who fathered literally hundreds of babies ( He was at it “for decades,” he admitted. And was only found out because a grown woman had a DNA test to find out whom her father was and it turned out to be her mother’s doctor.

Although I scan the nooze every day, I still occasionally find an evil that’s a new one on me.

The sperm donor industry is big business, worldwide, and no one knows how many doctors–and it’s not just doctors, but all sorts of big shots in universities, politics, and business–have been doing this. There are people out there with literally hundreds, or even thousands, of half-brothers and half-sisters that they don’t know about. In a single city, some of them are bound to get married to each other, eventually. Those marriages would be incestuous, and any babies born to them would be at high risk for genetic disabilities or diseases.

Motive? Pocket the money you would’ve had to pay for an anonymous sperm donor. Or maybe it’s an ego trip. Who knows what motivates these guys? There are a lot of weird people out there.

Sex outside of marriage, even when it’s something as impersonal as artificial insemination, is a sin; and God has good reasons for declaring it so. What those one-man sperm banks do is also against man’s laws–and again for good reasons.

Does anyone still wonder why we need a Savior?

‘The Pooperintendent of Schools’ (2018)

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Maybe it should say “Curb Your Superintendent of Schools.”

Remember this? The superintendent of schools of Kenilworth, NJ, was busted for repeatedly defecating on the grounds of Holmdel High School.

The Pooperintendent of Schools

This guy was pulling down a $147,504 salary, and when the story came out, he was suspended with full pay. It took a year to find out he finally resigned.

But wait! There’s more!

‘Pooperintendent of Schools’ Seeks Revenge on Cops Who Busted Him

So let’s see if we get this right. The guy goes around taking dumps on public property… and he sues the police? Like it’s their fault he thought he was a dog?

We don’t know if his threatened lawsuit ever made it to court. Once upon a time there were judges who’d jail a lawyer for contempt if he ever set foot in a courtroom with such a ridiculous case.