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The Killer Cats of Britain

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Well, scarier than that!

In the early Middle Ages it was “Palug’s Cat,” a giant cat that lived on the island of Angelsey and knocked off some 180 warriors before Sir Gawain finally killed it: so says Welsh and French lore of the 12th century.

You’d think that would’ve been the end of it–but no! There are still stories today. The Beast of Buchan haunts Scotland, and has been reported there since the 1930s. The Beast of Bodmin has haunted Cornwall since 1983, scaring hikers and mauling livestock, despite a British newspaper’s “investigation” that supposedly revealed it to be an ordinary cat (

Over here we’ve got Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, and Chupacapra. Over there they’ve got giant wild cats–and there are no zoo or circus cats missing. Indeed, there are similar “big cat” stories from Australia–lots and lots of them. Australia has no native cats at all, and only small wildcats are native to Britain.

Why do people keep on saying they’ve seen big cats in places where there are no big cats? Who thought up the old, old story of Palug’s Cat, and what inspired it?

God made the world a bit more complicated than we like to think sometimes.

Mr. Nature: Behold the Mighty Stegosaur

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Of all the Miller Co. wax dinosaurs I had in my childhood, only a couple of these Stegosaurs survive, a big one and a little one. For some reason, these were much less apt to be broken than the others.

And speaking of Stegosaur survival, there are persistent rumors that in the largely unexplored Likouala Swamps of the Republic of the Congo, a creature very like a Stegosaur still lives. The few people who live there call it mbielu-mbielu-mbielu, which means, I think, “What the hell was that?”

In western North America are found the best and biggest fossil Stegosaurs, Stegosaurus ungulatus and S. Stenops. Other species have been discovered in Europe, Tanzania, China, India, and, most recently, Australia (just footprints there, so far). So they must have been quite a successful group of animals.

There’s only so much we can learn from bones, though. Still puzzling are the exact arrangement of the armored plates along the Stegosaurus’ back and the seemingly inadequate size of its brain, indicative of a belief in socialism.

But we will learn much more when somebody finally captures a live mbielu-mbielu-mbielu.

And no, it’s not a fake fact I made up on the spot!

P.S.: Edgar Rice Burroughs, in his “Pellucidar” (prehistoric world inside the hollow earth) novels presented the Stegosaur as being able to glide through the air by lowering its back-plates, but he never found many takers for that theory.

He Came in Carrying a Severed Head…

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Once upon a time a news story like this would have been a national sensation. Today it’s just another bizarre incident, soon to be replaced in the headlines by yet another one.

In a town in Oregon, a man came into a store carrying a severed head and then proceeded to stab a store employee ( The rest of the employees tackled him and held him down until the police could arrive.

It seems they were already looking for this man in connection with the murder of a woman elsewhere in town.

We are not told whose head he was carrying.

Do you think there might be something going kind of wrong with our culture?

This is post-Christian America. Not that we were all that short of murders, years ago. But now these incidents just barely raise an eyebrow. Now we are expected to “accept” and “affirm” behavior that once would have gotten its owner committed to a mental institution.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong. I’ll thank you for it. Reassure me that our culture isn’t collapsing wherever you look.

But I say we need to turn around and go back the other way. It may be God will lead us back to sanity. If we listen to Him.

Here Be Dragons

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Before I get into any of the depressing news of the day–if I get into it at all–I’d like to devote a little more thought to this weekend’s topic of conversation: creatures that shouldn’t be there, but maybe they are.

Linda told us of her husband’s experience as a member of a recon unit in Vietnam: they found a gigantic spider web occupied by a gigantic spider. How gigantic? Big enough so that he worried that if a man blundered into that web, he’d never get out alive. But he couldn’t get his commanding officer to authorize a return to that location. It was a war zone, and no one had time for giant spiders.

And Marge told us of someone, whom she has no reason to disbelieve, who claims to have seen living Dimetrodons somewhere in Vietnam’s jungles.

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Those are just two of hundreds, maybe thousands, of cryptozoological reports that crop up every year. People are always seeing animals that shouldn’t be there. From the Lake Murray, New Guinea, tyrannosaur to the Jersey Devil in the New Jersey pine barrens, there are still a lot of odd corners in the world, possibly with very odd things living in them.

Which, at least to my way of thinking, makes it all the more interesting.

Oops! Media Almost Set Off WWIII

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There’s fake news that’s done on purpose, and then there’s fake news that just happens because people make mistakes.

This weekend, the world almost went to war because of a cock-up by a couple of nooze agencies ( ).

North Korea was having its annual “Day of the Sun” parade, honoring the depraved homicidal maniacs who run the place: this after repeatedly declaring they were going to test a nuclear weapon, breaking an international treaty, and threatening to bomb America’s allies and military bases. So that made a lot of people nervous.

Well, they haven’t set off the nuke yet. What they did was to trot out their new improved long-range missile for the parade.

First China’s Xinhua news agency reported–oh, boy!–“North Korea Fires Projectile.” Shoulda been North Korea displays projectile. America’s Bloomberg news agency picked up the Chicoms’ fumble and ran with it, full speed to the wrong goal line. And it seems there was a bit of a military scramble started until someone sorted out the error before anyone could start shooting.

Remember, in Jaws, Roy Scheider sees the giant monster shark and tells Robert Shaw, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”? And Shaw doesn’t listen to him, does he–and his boat gets wrecked and sunk and he gets eaten by the shark.

We need a bigger boat than the one designed and built by what passes for human wisdom.

God is the only one who has such a boat. Reminds me of a boat He once lent to Noah and his family…

Free With Your Salad–Live Scorpion!

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I’m not even sure why I’m reporting this news. Like, we already know it’s a fallen world and falling farther by the day.

A couple in Chevy Chase, Maryland, was a bit put off this week when they found a live scorpion in their bag of spinach ( ). Check out the video in the link: it’s alive, all right.

They bought the spinach at a Giant supermarket.

Not to be confused with the folks who, a few days earlier, found a dead bat–yup, I said a dead bat–in their bag of salad mix, purchased at a Wal-Mart store in Florida.

What’s going on with our food packaging? Have our tech companies been put in charge of it? That’s about what I’d expect from them.

I dunno. What’s going on with the rest of our civilized institutions? Will free universal college cure it? How’s about everybody in the USA has to stay in school until they get a Ph.D.? Then we’ll be the smartest nation of idiots that ever graced the earth.

I Wake Up Screaming

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Monarch butterfly: God’s stuff is still sane and beautiful. A lot of our stuff isn’t.

Once when I was a toddler, my aunts took me to the circus and the clowns freaked me out, which led to a sleepless night for all concerned.

But those clowns were nothing, compared to what we’ve got to cope with today.

Our debased secular culture’s pursuit of ugliness now features some male “actress”–that’s what he calls himself, five o’clock shadow and all–denouncing “outdated beauty standards” and declaring that “body hair norms need to change” ( ).

As Major Hoople would say, “Fap!”

If this is beautiful, then the word “beauty” has lost its meaning.

It is not beautiful. It is the stuff of nightmare. If what this person has done to himself doesn’t bum you out, then nothing can bum you out. Unless you’re a liberal. Then it’s the good things that bum you out.

I was going to write this as a humorous piece, but the photo embedded in the news story put the kibosh on that idea. This stuff is not sane. Linda, who sent me the link to this item, calls it demonic. I am compelled to agree.

Chelsea Clinton: Genius?

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No sooner do I post a wee bit of fiction for humorous effect that this item comes along and tops it.

Chelsea Clinton–already earmarked by some for high political office, like her parents, Bill and Hillary–saw a picture of Abraham Lincoln wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and, it seems, got the willies over it, to the point of publicly asking if the image were photoshopped: the alternative being, it was real ( ).

And you thought Joe Collidge was silly for being freaked out by The Fly.

Some deemed it necessary to reassure Chelsea that Lincoln did not actually support Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

She is obviously destined for the U.S. Senate.

A Lost City… in Australia?

Image result for images of lost city of uluru australia

One of the things that fascinates me is the origin of civilization. If it’s wired into us as human beings, why does it seem to have taken so very long to appear in human history? And if it’s not wired in, why did it appear at all?

The Bible makes it clear that civilization started not long after Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden. God destroyed it in Noah’s Flood, and later scattered it to prevent the completion of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 6, Genesis 11). But if you reject the Bible and turn to what we are pleased to call science, then you’re stuck with no explanation at all.

Alone among the inhabited continents, Australia shows no sign of ever having developed its own indigenous civilization. How could that be? After all, there were people in Australia for thousands of years. Why no civilization? The closest thing to a lost Australian civilization was H.P. Lovecraft’s story, The Shadow Out of Time. And that civilization wasn’t even human!

So imagine my excitement when I read of a lost city discovered by satellite photography and radar at Uluru, a site in the middle of the Australian desert. Wow, this place had everything! Buildings, tombs, artifacts, skeletons–the whole ball of wax.

And then imagine my disappointment when I read that the Lost City of Uluru was only a hoax ( ).

This takes us back to where we started from, with no native civilization springing up in Australia. Why not?

As yet we have no answer to that question.

The War Against the Language

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One of the means by which the Enemy trolls for our souls is by confusing and debasing our language. “Hey! If God can do it, so can I!” And so we have an ongoing Tower of Babel, this one produced by Satan.

This is at the heart of the whole “transgender” movement. I have to use quotation marks because there is, in reality, no such thing as “transgender.” If you are born male, every cell of your body is male and cannot be changed. If you are born female, every cell of your body is female and cannot be changed. All that can be changed is the outward appearance.

And the language. And the culture.

Case in point: some wacko in Ohio has been hailed by the nooze media as a “transgender man [who] gave birth to his own daughter”–his!–“after his wife was unable to fall pregnant” ( ).

Please note how slavishly the nooze media complies with this satanic twaddle. “A man who was born a woman…” And is still a woman, with the XX chromosome in every single one of the millions of cells in her body. “Who still had his female reproductive organs…” His female reproductive organs? What hundred percent crapola is this?

I don’t know what you or I can do, with our Western world’s ruling class having decided that “transgender” is real, and not just a wicked delusion. Stand up for the truth, I guess. Proclaim it at every opportunity. Never, never fail to point out that the language used in these stories by the media and other liberals is dishonest and not even sane–to say nothing of violating science, which is normally a sacred cow to them.

And pray. One way or another, in His own good time, the Lord Our God will put a stop to this.

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