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Memory Lane: Hillary as a Man

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The do-over was even worse.

Hoo boy! Remember this?

Unable to imagine how their idol, Hillary Clinton, could have lost the 2016 presidential election to hated-by-all-the-smart-people Donald Trump, a couple of professors at New York University, in 2017, staged a creative experiment (

To test their theory that Hillary only lost because hateful stupid American voters were prejudiced against a woman, the profs re-enacted the presidential debate as close to verbatim as possible, down to facial expressions and hand gestures–with one difference. In the re-enactment, Donald Trump is a woman and Hillary Clinton is a man.

Imagine their horror when the audience found Hillary even more revolting as a man–downright “punchable,” one woman said–and Trump even more likeable as a woman.

So much for their theory. See? There is such a thing as a dumb political scientist.

I only refer back to this weird incident because I and several other observers think there’s a good chance Hillary will again be the Democrats’ presidential candidate.

She has not gotten more likeable since 2016. Let’s hope she takes the whole evil party down in flames with her.

Woman Threatens McDonald’s When They Wouldn’t Give Her Free Sauce

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Here’s a novel way to start a new year!

A Florida woman was arrested last week when she threatened employees at a McDonald’s stand because they wouldn’t give her free dipping sauce (, declaring that she would use “any means necessary” to get it. Her tantrum frightened the crew enough to make them call the police–who had to carry her out to the squad car.

The dipping sauce in question would have cost her an extra 25 cents. So for 25 cents she went off her rocker. Apparently paying an extra quarter wasn’t included in “any means necessary.” Good thing she wasn’t armed.

The incident happened at around 4 a.m. New Year’s morning.

We’re seeing a lot of this lately, individuals blowing their stacks for incredibly trivial reasons. What is driving this?

This is our post-Christian loony-tunes participation-trophy culture melting down.

Kill the culture, and it’ll kill you back.

‘The Bloody Mystery of “The Beast of Gevaudan”‘ (2014)

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An out-of-place and drastically overgrown thylacine? Naah–couldn’t be!

Things like this just don’t happen today. They are preserved in history.

During 1764 through 1767, a rural region in France was terrorized by a wild animal called “the beast of Gevaudan.” Incredibly, it attacked some 200 people, with 90 fatalities. Survivors described it as an extra-large wolf; but some contemporary illustrators drew it with a long, stiff tail unlike any wolf’s. Besides, wolves hunt in packs; the Beast hunted alone.

The royal government sent special hunters to kill it, there were at one time an estimated 10,000 hunters tracking it–and finally a local man shot it dead.

The rest is very much a mystery.


When Cruise Ships Collide

How in the world does this happen?

You’ve got two cruise ships, each of them as big as a small town, calm water, perfect visibility, and one of the ships already docked, not moving; plus radar, video, and–supposedly!–a captain and ship’s officers on the bridge, making sure that all goes well. And yet the one ship still manages to tear into the other’s stern.

Oh, captain, my captain! Where the blazes are ya, dude?

No fog, no tempest, no crowded melee of warships duking it out in the narrow waters of Salamis. No galley slaves, no bald guy pounding on a drum while the centurion shouts “Ramming speed!” This is one of those things that shouldn’t happen. Ever. I mean, how do you plow into a ship that you can see?

I can’t help seeing in this totally avoidable accident a metaphor for the way our whole Western civilization is going, these days. You should avoid it, but you don’t. You plow into the ship that’s sitting right there in front of you.

Without God’s guidance, it happens every time. Watch the S.S. Transgender plow right into the S.S. Moral Blindness. Oops!

I Don’t Understand It

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But this I do understand…

So much nooze I didn’t write about today, I’m only human–but I did read it.

I’m not going to repeat any of that stuff here, except to confess that I’m totally unable to understand it.

The nooze tells me that the Far Left Crazy, laboring maniacally to fundamentally transform our country, wants lots and lots of gay, tons of transgender, massive poverty, and a high level of background violence, presided over by an all-powerful government of fabulously wealthy socialist gangsters.

What I don’t understand is why. Why do they want those things? What does anyone gain by indoctrinating children into self-destructive sexual and moral anarchy? Okay, the jidrools in charge get ever richer and more powerful. But their supporters don’t. And they have millions of supporters–who apparently find it objectionable that they live in a prosperous, reasonably just country with stable social, political, and economic institutions. Why on earth would they want to overthrow it?

My friend and editor Susan tells me they want these things because they’re insane–and, whether they know it or not, in love with death and darkness. And maybe they truly believe the world’s gonna come crashing to an end in just twelve years, so they might as well break all the boundaries and live like monsters. But that’s speculation. They do what they do, and tell us what they want to do, and I just don’t get it.

All I do understand about it is that they have to be defeated. Utterly. And may Jesus Christ Our Lord defend us.

Presidential Timber… with ‘Wet Leg Hair’

Has it truly come to this–a presidential candidate babbling about children rubbing his “wet leg hair” while he was a lifeguard, long ago?

Well, that’s what he’s doing in this video, shot in 2017.

People are actually thinking of voting for this guy for president? Say it ain’t so. But we can’t say that, can we?

Again I ask–are there that many people out there who truly have not the foggiest idea of what a president is, or what a president does?

A sobering thought: most of the Democrat candidates are even worse. That’s why this, er, man is leading the pack. Crikey, he was our vice president for eight years.

Hairy legs and all.


The Tech Fair Horror! Robot Attacks, Injures Man

Robots v Humans: AI machine ‘attacks’ visitor at Chinese tech fair (PHOTOS)

Oh, we shoulda listened to Isaac Asimov! Instead, it’s going all Terminator on us.

At the China International Hi-Tech Fair recently, a robot that was supposed to be an “educational tool” launched itself through a glass display case and made a frenzied attack on an innocent bystander, who was slightly injured ( We are unable to confirm reports that the robot growled “Die, human, die!”

I dunno, it doesn’t look so fierce to me. It looks kinda like R2D2 from Star Wars. Which reminds me–What does R2D2 take when he has a cold? Robotussin! But I digress.

It should be pointed out that some killjoy who doesn’t want us to have any fun with the nooze says the robot crashed through the display case because somebody mixed up the “forward” and “back” buttons, hit the one when he should’ve hit the other. We would rather read that the robot’s Artificial Intelligence took it upon itself to add a blood-lust program. “He must’ve programmed himself to do that!” Just because those immortal words originated in Godzilla vs. Megalon doesn’t mean they aren’t true.

Just to be on the safe side, steer clear of hi-tech fairs and bring no robots into your home. ‘Cause you never know when they might program themselves to be smarter than you and take away your stuff.

A Blowout Festival (the Bad Kind)

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Anybody got the “Increvable” card?

It was a bad day for motorists on Route 101 in Port Angeles, Washington–real bad.

Someone dropped a load of screws on the highway and 300 cars got flat tires ( Police think it was an accident; but you can still get into major trouble for not securing your load, so that it spills on the highway, so don’t expect anyone to step forward with “I cannot tell a lie: I did it.”

I was once on a highway where there had been a spill from an oil tanker truck. Guess what you couldn’t do! That’s right–stop. You couldn’t stop. Good thing I was going really, really slow at the time.

As for the screws, it took the cops three or four hours to pick them all up with a great big magnet four feet wide.

It was a good day to be selling tires.


Today’s Worst Story

(No picture. This story is too horrible for a picture.)

A Texas–that’s right: Texas–jury has ruled against a father trying to stop his 7-year-old son’s “transition” into a so-called girl by means of puberty blockers and female hormones (

The court also ordered the father to “affirm” his son as a “girl” and to take a class on transgenderism.

It’s the mother who’s pushing for this. She wants her boy to be a girl.

How could this happen? What kind of people did they have on that jury? And where is it written into law that any court, anywhere, has any authority to force an American citizen to “affirm” what he doesn’t believe? Did we all wake up in China this morning? Will they deprive us even of the ownership of our consciences?

I can hardly believe I’m writing this. I keep wanting to tell myself, “It isn’t happening, it isn’t happening…” But of course it is.

This has to stop. Nothing good can possibly come of it.

O Lord our God! Remember that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections.

Now It’s a 10-Year-Old Motivational Speaker

(Thanks to Susan for the news tip.)

This is one of those things I wish I could unsee–a 10-year-old kid serving as a motivational speaker for his local high school football team.

Can you imagine the size of his ego by the time he’s twenty?

Really, this whole thing of being lectured to by children is getting out of hand. “I’ve seen a lot of things,” he declares. Must’ve been a busy ten years. And when he’s done, the whole roomful of hulking football players springs up to give him a standing ovation. I guess they can’t just go out there and play the freakin’ game. What is this–a high school football team, or the United Nations General Assembly?

The videos have gone viral on social media. Next thing you know, Junior’ll be doing Amway conventions.

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