Not a Restful Night

The other night I had one bad dream after another. I can only remember and describe two of them.

I dreamed I went to visit an old friend–we were toddlers together, his family lived next door to us–only to find his house badly decayed, windows boarded up, and the whole family passed away years ago. In fact my friend did die, some years ago, and his elder brother, also my friend, died before that. But in the dream it came as bad news.

Then I dreamt I came out of the Stop & Shop with my groceries and found my car totalled, just a heap of wreckage in the parking lot. That woke me with a jolt.

Why does the mind torture us like this? You don’t have to be asleep for bad things to happen; they come along often enough in real life. I can’t think of anything in my life that would’ve disturbed my sleep lately. Unless maybe it’s the nooze. Maybe I read too much nooze.

Worrying about the elections, maybe. If Democrats pull off another cheat-tacular win, America has had it. Never mind 2024: we won’t get there.

But as King Ozias said when he was still just a boy, “Trust in God, and take the adventure that falls to me.”

6 comments on “Not a Restful Night

  1. I had a cluster of vivid dreams recently, some of which were bad dreams. It was strange, because the dreams started out good, but then ended in (sometimes bitter) conflict of some sort.

  2. I frequently have dreams in which my car is missing — not totaled, just gone. Either I can’t find the place where I parked it, or it’s simply disappeared, maybe stolen. In some of these dreams, I actually start thinking, “This is just like one of those dreams, only this time it’s really happened!” Once I wake up, I realize that my mind has taken all my anxieties about other things and translated them into a standard image.

  3. Dems will never stop cheating, otherwise they would never win. I think they will have a harder time now just because people are more vigilant. But if they pull off another steal, it will just wake more people up. Some day, they are going to do something so egregious that they cannot recover from. I think that day is fast approaching.

    1. I dunno… I think what they’ve done already is way more than any electorate should ever have to tolerate. I mean, their motto ought to be, “Egregious ‘R’ Us.”

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