Madonna’s Shelf Life Has Passed

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I don’t want to post a picture of this pathetic woman. Here’s some kids on a see-saw instead.

Hard to believe this poor soul was once a pop culture icon. “Madonna.” Why, it was only in 2017 that she was on the front page, threatening to blow up the White House.

I’m only providing this link so you can see I haven’t made this up. I really don’t recommend watching the video that goes with it.

Anyway, now we’ve got video of her on all fours lapping water out of a dog’s dish. Her lifelong pursuit of the grotesque continues. She keeps catching up to it.

Our pop culture. Can we just walk right past it? Without looking?

6 comments on “Madonna’s Shelf Life Has Passed

  1. I know that she has worn out her welcome with me. I see her as a strip tease artist that uses sexually suggestive behavior to promote her music. This is nothing unique, musicians have used any number of gimmicks to promote themselves, but Madonna seems to have taken it to the extreme. It strikes me that she will do whatever it takes to generate publicity.

    1. Likewise, I find Madonna quite unappealing. If she was one tenth as irresistible as she seems to think she is, that would be astounding.

  2. I didn’t even bother with the article, let alone watch the video. Her antics are just silly now, with the TikTok generation outdoing her in bizarre sexualized behavior. So I’ll just talk about the see-saw image you posted….

    Supporting backs on a see-saw??? When I was a kid we would have scorned such things as being fit only for infants. We had plain wood planks with metal handles, and our planks were higher off the ground than the one in the picture. Furthermore, our playgrounds were CONCRETE. If we fell off, we fell off. If we scraped and bashed ourselves, we had victory trophies — scabs and bruises — to show off to the other kids. 😂

  3. Your title about shelf life is appropriate. My brother-in-law was in the same high school and class as Madonna here in Michigan. She often did things for shock value even back then.

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