Sorry–I Conked Out

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There was stuff I was supposed to do here yesterday, but halfway through the afternoon I hit the wall and just couldn’t start up again. So things didn’t get done.

I think I was so tired from sitting there writing in the cold. With the wind blowing, of course. As soon as I moved indoors we got half a dozen nuisance phone calls back-to-back. I wonder why Congress doesn’t deal with that. They claim the ability to control the planet’s climate, but they can’t do anything about these human cockroaches?

I’ll try to do better today.

One comment on “Sorry–I Conked Out”

  1. Aww, what a cute lizard. Makes me sleepy just looking at him. Both of you — the lizard and yourself — deserve a snooze to recover and refresh. Myself, I can barely keep my eyes open. That’ll larn me not to think I can clean the house the day after I get so exhausted that I can hardly walk. But I really thought I had the strength this morning when I got up. By the time I was about 3/4 through the cleaning, I realized my mistake but I kept going anyway. Someday I’ll take my own advice — such as resting and not pushing myself too hard. Oh well.

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