Memory Lane: Rec League Basketball

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I had a basketball team in our high school recreation league. We weren’t very good, only one winning season out of four, but nobody cared–it was fun.

One year a bunch of big black kids formed a team and entered it in the league. They called themselves The Dogs. They were very, very good at basketball! It was fun to play against them, even though we didn’t have a ghost of a chance at winning.

So they beat us, 85-15 (ouch!) in a 30-minute game. I was guarded by Billy, who grew up to be a police sergeant and a board of education member. The one bright spot for us in that game was when I made a bounce pass through Billy’s outstretched legs and we got an easy layup out of it. Everybody had a laugh–especially Billy’s teammates.

Everybody there enjoyed the game, even the referee. Until I learned otherwise, I thought sports were supposed to be like that.

Billy, you were a mighty good cop; and I’m sure your father was proud of your work on the school board. After all, he served on it before you did.

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