Did Pfizer Purposely Mutate the COVID Virus?

This 9-minute video is turbulent and confusing, but important:

Project Veritas reporter James O’Keefe confronts Pfizer director Jordan Walker to ask him about statements he’d made–recorded by O’Keefe–to the effect that Pfizer was “directing the evolution” of the COVID virus. O’Keefe is seeking either a confirmation or a denial: “He [Walker] is on tape talking about mutating the COVID virus.” Walker’s excuse: “I thought I was on a date.” Oh. Yeah, you spout a lot of poobah to impress your date.

The discussion breaks into a scuffle as Walker tries to grab O’Keefe’s iPad and attack the cameraman. He also calls the police. O’Keefe rescues his damaged equipment and departs before the police can get there.

So what’s the story? Did Pfizer commit (I do not use this phrase lightly: it’s from the Nuremberg trials) “crimes against humanity”? Or was this just some idiot trying to impress his date by boasting about things he didn’t actually do? Seems a strange thing to boast about, to me.

Let’s see how the, ahem!, nooze media cover the story.

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