Prayer Request–For Us

Patty will undergo surgery for her hernia next week, she’s really scared, and when I asked her what she wanted for Easter, she said, “Prayers!” So please pray for us, everybody: please pray that by this time next week, all the hard and scary stuff will be over and she’ll be on her way to recovery.  Protect us by thy might, great God our King.

P.S.–I heard from Erlene yesterday, and am happy to say she’s still with us, still recovering but hopefully on the mend. Please keep her in your daily prayers.

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  1. I’ll be stepping up my prayers for Patty and you in the coming week — and thank you for letting us know about Erlene. I’ve been worried about her, and of course praying for her.

  2. Good morning, and I will continue to pray for Patty, and will be watching for updates. I know anything “medical” can be very concerning, but our great, loving Almighty Healer can do all things whatsoever we need. Faith is all HE asks from us. Blessings and peace to all of you.

  3. It’s great to see you, Erlene. You are a fine example of faith and devotion.

    As regards Patty’s surgery, while surgery is always a daunting proposition, the advances in anesthesia have made surgery much less risky than it was in the past. You certainly have my prayers, but I would also pass along that surgeries which used to require lengthy stays in the hospital are now routinely done on an outpatient basis. There’s every reason to be optimistic.

  4. I’ve been praying for Patty each morning. The way hospitals today are run with less concern for older people, prayers for her safety as well.

    1. That is true. There is always risk. However, just stepping outside your door is risky at times. Driving to the hospital can be risky. Walking up and down the stairs can be risky, and at times very painful…yeah, I have a few true stories about that.

      I have been praying for Patty and others on this Blog.

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