Snowstorm? What Snowstorm?

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It’s gotten so every single day features at least one catastrophic, apocalyptic weather forecast on YouTube.

Yesterday it was “Two to four feet of snow!” predicted for Portland, Oregon. So much for Global Warming. (Oh? Sorry, I forgot–it’s “Climate Change” now.) I mentioned it to a guy in the Chinese restaurant who happened to have his computer working. He found the forecast in seconds. “Holy cow!” he said.

I wanted to write about it today; but as of this morning, that Doomsday weather report has vanished without a trace. There are still reports from a month ago about the snowiest day ever recorded out there in The Workers’ Paradise. But the one that was supposed to happen last night or today–nope, nothin’ here, don’t know what you’re talking about.

You know, it’s very hard to take weather forecasts seriously when they just sling around this disaster-movie humbug on the odd chance that maybe once or twice it might come true.

And there they are, fretting about “misinformation” on YouTube. Yo, ho, ho.

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  1. It’s tornado season as it always is this time of year, so more Climate Change propaganda will be spread right on cue. Wouldn’t it be nice if America was populated by literate, thinking citizens like in the late and early 17th & 18th centuries (just read de Toqueville). Today, 50 million people are in America who were not born here.

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